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_ I’m here for some important things that i need to fill the English wikia of Royal Revolt 2. _

_ Would really be an honor if you guys help me with some important informations about the Elite Boosts. _


If you want to contribute with the info go to http://royal-revolt-2.wikia.com/wiki/Royal_Revolt_2_Wiki


I update constantly this page when one of you answer at this topic. So feel free to share your info.


_ Question 1 _

What is the max level of each elite boosts?


  • Blazing Knight             max. Level 9  - reach with Alliance Level 51.

  • Poison Arrow Tower    max. Level 4  - reach with Alliance Level 24.

  • Power Archer              max. Level 7  - reach with Alliance Level 53.

  • Tough Barricade         max. Level 4  - reach with Alliance Level 41.

  • Holy Paladin               max. Level 6  - reach with Alliance Level 52.

  • Frost Trap                  max. Level 4  - reach with Alliance Level 44.

  • Stunning Ogre            max. Level 5  - reach with Alliance Level 54.

  • Range Bomber           max. Level 4  - reach with Alliance Level 46.

  • Storm Cannon            max. Level 5  - reach with Alliance Level 49.

  • Raging Wolf                max. Level 5  - reach with Alliance Level 55.


Here all Elite Boosts Updated:


By the way Jona help us with the info of Elite Boosts ( that you can look here http://forum.royalrevolt.com/index.php?/topic/1456-official-elite-boosts-changes-after-february-9th/) there is no more need to fill the tables that i’ve created.

Thank you all for your patience and your help.


Anyway this topic will be open for any other future changes !


Thank you all.

most Alliances have resolute to fill rosters to 40 players before messing with elitle boosts.


that is sound stratiggy but keeps boosts in mystery.


Watch top Alliances like SK: United for a sneak peak at what boosts have in store for us all

gonna link this to Jona and see if he can provide clear info table for you although I’m not sure when he’ll be online

Thank you!

I got feedback regarding the max levels for the current Elite Boosts:


  • Blazing Knight - max. level 8 - reached wth. Alliance level 40. - Poison Arrow Tower - max. level 4 - reached wth. Alliance level 24. - Power Archer - max. level 6 - reached wth. Alliance level 48. - Tough Barricade - max. level 4 - reached wth. Alliance level 41. - Holy Paladin -  max. level 5 - reached wth. Alliance level 45. - Frost Trap - max. level 4 - reached wth. Alliance level 44. - Stunning Ogre - max. level 4 - reached wth. Alliance level 47. - Range Bomber - max. level 4 - reached wth. Alliance level 46. - Storm Cannon - max. level 5 - reached wth. Alliance level 49. - Raging Wolf - max. level 4 - reached wth. Alliance level 50.


Hope this helps.





Alliance level 50???

This is very helpful! I never thought that the alliance would reach the level 50, i thought up to 40, better so. I don’t know Jona if you downloaded the txt files but i created some tables with health bonus % and damage bonus % to fill. Of course now for example i had fill all of them with only 4 lines because i don’t know how many level they had. So the big things over this, would be to fill all fields with every health % bonus% for each elite boosts, that could be amazing!


Question 1

Does the max boost level reachable is 4? like the table of txt files for each elite boosts ? or if for example: blazing knight has 8 level the boost level extend to 8 level so it will create a kind of scale going from the top left towards the bottom right like the tables that i created?



Let us add more players to Alliance, there is no way to lvl up to 50 with 40 players cap jona

Patience? Or spending $$$?

40 is enough for now imho :slight_smile:

Mss73, there is no way unless we spend 1000$ as a group to lvl up our Alliance to lvl 50, and 1000$ its too much to ask…

Oh come on Spartecus!!! Getting Firebolt tower, Sonic Blast, Max Farm etc were the fun parts, involved some strategy and plan and took like half a year (felt like forever). I find it was way better compared to the stupid dungeon, which was cleared by most people within 3 weeks. And from my memory we also got back stabbed when flare drastically reduced the digging times 3-5 days before it was physically possible to clear the dungeon. Yeah, I am sure they will be happy to introduce alliance tower lvls 11-13 with Max for 10,000 gems etc…

I am also very often “I want everything and I want it now!!!” But in my opinion it just becomes unbearably boring when there’s nothing to look forward to :slightly_frowning_face:

creators of the game trying to get us all to invest. :slight_smile: When alliances reach 40 people - you can at least let the coins on boosts.If you give further expand alliances - the game becomes boring again, everyone will sit and accumulate coins to the next level, and do not use boosts.In any case, lose real money are those who want to be the best :slight_smile:

seems to be from 35 to 50 levels need to spend about 1.500.000.000 coinsWhat’s the difference how many people will do it, 40 or even 55?time unreal

Great thread here, pinned. 


Yes these need to be adjusted and I am trying to get them to realize this. Please post your feedback about the elite boost costs and alliance leveling costs

Already did in your last RR2 video  :grinning:

with level 50 alliance its gonna take a lot of time , I think 40 player per alliance is good.I hope theres no plan to increase this.But a total of 4000+ gems spent to max alliance tower only to get 250k free donation per 24 hours doesn’t sounds like its worth the amount of gems spent especially when you speed up some level (I speed up about 5 level including from 9 to 10)


With 40 members at 250k donation , an alliance make 10m per day.Wolf and cannon alone already take 6m to prolong each day which leave us with 4m enough for barricade at 2m ? So a balance of 2m for alliance level (unless you take stunning ogre boost or make extra donation) 


At the cost of 40m per level its gonna take 20 days to get there with 2m per day , the cost increase each level so will be like a 6-7 months ? or more without any extra donation and at certain point the alliance will need to abandon the boost until alliance is maxed.This is with all members at 250k , not every alliance can afford this.Flare will eventually get a lot of money for this alliance thing so better release some alliance event/war fast to make the money spent felt like its worth it because individual leaderboard is basically dead while theres no real competition/purpose to get top alliance spot except pride.


I think for a certain amount of extra donation made , the alliance should receive some gift like when we spend gems and get pearls in return.Maybe like 20m extra donation and additional 3m ? People will love this I’m sure or maybe 20m for extra 1 day on all active boost.


Right now without extra donation , an alliance can afford 3 boost with 2m to spare.I’m just hoping that we could have more to spare with 3 boost activated.This is my opinion as a paying player , I’m sure free players would want a lot lower cost or more free donation instead of 250k.I think by increasing free donation limit to even just 300k will help a lot (4m to spare with 3 boost active)


Of course by choosing to have just one or no boost activated until the alliance is maxed would shorten the upgrade time but when you see most bases having boost , it makes it harder to compete.Its a very tough decision.Its a pay to win yes and its now pay as group to win as a group lol.I have a few players leaving my alliance Todesritter because we didn’t activate boost at all.That sucks cuz we’re planning to max the alliance level first and it cost us some top players.And we are not all free alliance , around half of our members pay for extra donation or boost which makes it even worse dont you guys think ?


Even worse when the player who leave cuz we cannot afford elite boost is someone who donate 100k per day and also a free player.What a joke , his total donation up to the point he left won’t even pay for a full day storm cannon level 3.


Think thats all I’ve got to say about alliance donation and elite boost cost , feel free to discuss my opinion although I’m also a bit confuse with what a wrote  :wink:


 As far as I know Vanguard already had 41 members. But with that a bug showed up (don’t remember the details - might have been something similar like the broken attack history after login when there are more than 20 attacks) and Flares reaction was to limit max members to 40.

That’s probably just a workaround until the bug is fixed, which I’d expect with the next update - and that may also be when the members limit may get raised…