Elite boosts on Flaregames youtube channel

In Flaregames youtube channel, there are videos of all the unboosted units (example: monk) , of all the units with war boost (example: surprise mummy) and of all the units with special war boost (example: instant knight). But there aren’t videos of units with elite boost (example: stunning ogre). I’d like Flaregames to add them.

Check cromka1 youtube channel

its full of ogrs??

I visited your youtube channel and I watched the video of the rewards of your leader after the end of the first Pro League season.

If you visit Flaregames youtube channel (flare tv) and search the video of “Royal Revolt 2 in 1 minute”, you find the videos of unboosted units (example: paladin), of units with special war boosts (example: instant archer) and of units with war boosts (example: surprise mummy).

But you don’t find the videos of units with elite boosts (example: holy paladin) and, after the last update, also the videos of units with pro boosts (example: unholy paladin).

They’ll very likely have the pro boosts up soon