Elite Boosts: Video Series

Thanks for uploading! At the point with the Archers I thought: “thats why I upgrade shield and put archers into my waves”.

Archers on max boost LV are very powerful. So they will live much longer, are able for spam and perfect units to get shielded with 2500 shield points. Additional they have no weakness and 50% resistance against pierce damage. WOW!

With Jason on vacation and Sn1kt in a top alliance, somehow i knew this video was comming.


Great work, bub!

Seems completely unbalanced with the archers, poor arblaster looks so much cooler and will be gathering dust for a while.

Well, for raiding i still prefer ablaster because of range. Archer might be useful in raiding if range isn’t an issue 

Part 2 in the series:




In Part 1, we took a look at stats of the best Elite Boosts - now, it’s time to see the fully upgraded Power Archer, Stunning Ogre, Storm Cannon and Raging Wolf in action! 


Part 3 will pit these Elite Boosted troops against other player bases in some live raids.   


Sweet new vid, & great job boosting :slight_smile:

cool videos! I hope someday my alliance can get some of these boosts

It will be cool if you gan show us how strong bosted archers works with max ahield. Against max Skull tower they should life last longer than with heal.

Great job sn1kt