Elite Boosts

If I understand correctly, when generals and leaders activate elite boosts, they have to take the gold from the alliance treasury, but soldiers can pay for it themselves.


I could be wrong, but I think this is true and I find it kind of frustrating.

It would be nice to allow higher ranks to also donate from their own gold storage.


Well this would only be a problem with small alliances who don’t have high donate alliance towers.

I don’t think soldiers can activate at all. Only generals and leader. If there is not enough alliance gold generals and leaders can pay real money to top it up. I could be wrong though.

Hmmm. I think I read this on the soldier part on the wikia. However, I could have misread because I only get to read that briefly (am I the only one experiencing extreme lag on the wikia?). The website crashes often.

It always loads slow and/or crashes. Very frustrating.

Thanks Opelle. The money comes from real world though not the game am I correct?

yup money!!! real money !!!

Yes real cash.

Gems or cash