Elite canons in defense

Anyone use Canons in defence waves to target the KING? Especially if you have maxed canon and with Elite boost activated?


Let me know your thoughts. Since my alliance just activated Storm Canon, I want to replace 2 mortars(counter for arbs) that I use with Canons?

5 storm cannon struggle to kill my king who only have 20% HP on ElementG’s base , not recommended in defence

I also reverted back to mortors quickly. If only they were targeting monsters, they would be useful. For now Canons I conclude are waste for defense.



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Max boosted canons get less damage than mortar (1level before max) against my sword rain. Have anyone experience if max sword rain kills max boosted canon woth 1 hit?

Against Sonic Blast max Canons are strong. Edit: I like to talk in this topic about canons in defense. If it is ok for you, I want to let this topic open for nice discussions in future desi.


Good point there G. I know I can count on you on Orthodox troop/spell queries.

Not sure about how resilient the cannons are against sonic blast but the die as quick against bladestorm and just don’t do enough damage to king.Its very easy to deal with them in defence.

A cannon lv 3 is very powerful against a king lv 45; I watched my roommate play on his account (which he rarely does) and be killed by the cannons in someone’s defense because he could not get through the barricades in time to kill them (there were 6 cannons shooting at him)…


Other than that, I don’t think even elite cannons are strong enough… maybe the cannons’ buff should have been normal instead of blunt? That would be way more effective on defense, although slightly less effective on offense…