Elite crew

Hello guys and gals,

Elite crew, currently ranked 5th place looking for active and friendly players. 

In addition, Elite crew 2 is ranked 21 and same looking for active, friendly players.

Im looking for an active alliance mate… Got any room? 

Hello Vorterix,

Currently both alliance are full, but in the near future we might have spot open. Please provide your current rank and how many thropies you have? Also, are you active player?

For your info: we took 1st place last night :grinning:  

Congrats! Currently lvl 22, +1400 trophies…

I play daily, already beaten Medusa and now leveling up Ariadne

Let me know if u guys are interested… ? 

Hi again,

Ok great, keep moving up with thropies. I will let you know once we have spot open.

Good luck on the battlefield! 



hi, i am currently trying to start a line chat for all players from all alliances in olympus rising. Please feel free to join or contact me and i can send you an invite. Please tell/ invite everyone you know who plays OR.



Elite Crew how can I contact you if I’m interested in joining? I’m currently top50 by trophy, hope we can chat


I am active, ascension 39, trophy 2300+ . IGN WindRider, willing to join.



Hi Windrider,

Our main alliance is full. 

However, I do have open spot in Elite crew 2.

We do move players between two alliances and I don’t know if this is something you willing to do.

Please let me know.

Thank you, 


Hey Ares,

Do you still have an open spot at Elite Crew 2?

I’m an ascension 51, trophy 1969.

Do let me know! (; 

Hey there,

I can make spot for you, send request and someone will accept.

Thank you,


Hey Ares,

I’ve already requested. 

Thank you ((:

I am very active player. You can see my name in top 10: GodOfWarOo. I am interested joining your alliance, send me invitation when you have room. Thank you :3

Hi there,

Glad to hear that you are interested to join. Will send you invitation shortly.


Hi again,

You are in :grinning:



I sent you invitation 


Hi again,

You are in :grinning:


Thank you and see you around!  :wink:


Rank: 99

Trop: 2.641


I am very active player, every hour in the day you can see me online. I can donate daily 20 k and I can donate with gems.