Elite Hero Boost... With Wings?

Flare, you have a lot of boosts for units and towers, but what about a boost for the hero? I want my hero to be able to jump barricades and cross lanes, to help me deal with those pesky trap towers. So I got to thinking… What about wings? You activate the wings for a brief time, and you’re able to jump barricades and possibly even cross lanes, until they’re shot off.

But then I also got to thinking… Everyone already wants a buff to the Shield spell. What if you made /that/, the elite shield spell? While your shield still has health, you’re able to fly over things. This would give the Shield spell some usefulness again, and also keep the wings from becoming OP. like, if you could have 3 spells /and/ the wings, the hero would be able to tag all the towers while his units dealt with enemy units. But I think that adding wings to the Shield Spell as an elite boost, keeps it from being OP, makes the Shield spell relevant, and fills a vital niche of being able to take down trap towers.

Shield infact IS already relevant, and by a lot of people it is now actually preferred over heal since the changes and buffs that were made to it in recent months. By now, shield is useful and good as it is.

The thought of just adding wings to it makes me laugh :wink:

A spell making you fly like gargoyles would be OP no matter which way you put it. You could just fly across path overlap, fly over all obstacles, dodge troops this way and make the obstacles mostly useless. You could just comfortably reach the gate very early, ensuring a granted 75%+X win even without touching a single building. Tropy stripping 2.0… clever placement of (trap) towers completely meaningless as well, making base design mostly irrelevant… and of course everyone would be forced into creating a base without path overlap, to make it harder to (ab)use the king’s new “skip half of path” ability…


Also, when talking about elite boosts… storm cannon as well as power archer are great at killing those trap towers, and (unboosted) blizzard isn’t bad either…


Anyway, I agree that tough barricades are still kind of overpowered, but just adding wings to your hero is not the appropriate solution :wink:

I agree having wings would just make this game unfair

Legends craft

I believe the hero is op enough :grinning: