Elite Paladin vs Pro Paladin

Friends i want to know which is more powerful.

An elite paladin(EP) or a elite combined with pro paladin(PP).

E.P heals himself and has more health while PP increases the poison weakness added with ice weakness.

Does the dragon from PP compensate the increased weakness of paladin.

Please tell which is best and whether the combo is useful ?

For a deadly combat, you need both… can kill any kind of base wuth ease, if used with Wolf!

You can try
Palladins (pro+elite) Ogres Wolf
Firestorm Sheild Pal flute
Ceres, Trusty…
Many of my friends used it and gained successful raids…

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Probably the elite boost is better, but the paladin still needs the pro boost to really shine.
If you can’t pay to keep both boosts, don’t bother with the paladin.
Maybe save your gold or spend it on other boosts.