Elite Spell Boosts for Elite Alliance members

I think it is time for FG to introduce Elite Spell boosts!!! I leave it to FG’s creative team to decide what they ll be … I like surprises :-) 

My recommendation would be to get them via special tokens that are earned from events. The Alliance members that perform best (Elite Alliance members) will get the most tokens which will allow them to get the Spell boosts for a longer time or the Spell boosts that are stronger. As for the Alliance members that perform badly I guess they should be awarded the lesser tokens or …none at all

that could be a good incentive for event participation …right?

I suggested this a long time ago, but I don’t think we’ll see it anytime soon. Offenses are strong enough already, we don’t need spell boosts to make them OP

And also, when do the spells get unlocked? Level 30 or so? Will alliances past that automatically have them? Or will there have to be more alliance levels cause the spells would be unlocked at level 90? I hope not the latter, that’d just put a bigger gap between teams like mine and the top alliances

Just think how amazing the firestorm spell with the extra range and the toxic spell with the slow effect got when they were improved. FG didn t make offence OP , it just made 2 boring spells REALLY cool!!!

Imagine FG doing the same thing for a few more spells too.

I think the special tokens should be awarded to all alliances.

The winning alliance should get the best elite Spell boost tokens, the second should get the second best, etc. The amount of tokens that each member of the alliance will get should be allocated in terms of the members’ performance in the event, the top 10 performers (Elite Alliance Members) should get enough tokens until the next event, the rest…maybe enough tokens to last them for 2-3 days (if any at all).