Elite Spells :)

hihi. just got think if it is possible to have elite spells… lol… i kinda thinking how this looks like…

Yup, elite arma, range 50, damage 30k

Lol that will kill the throne room as well

Elite Spell for Shield should looks like my avatar. ^^ Gaining 5k Shield hit points will be best for it. And Elite Blizzard with ExtraBlunt damage against Froster and other buildings. ^^

Hey how bout MONS…oh bother :slightly_frowning_face:



umm how about Alchemist

It would mix 2 of the current spells together creating a hybrid spell.

like half power of each or whatever.

Mix and match to discover new combos.

I love the idea of hybrid spells… would create a ton of new combinations… e.g. swordrain + poison cloud = acid rain…

Omg, that’d be great xD Like if it averaged out both damage and range, and you could have a Sonic Boom that could cross lanes. Oh my.

The ‘Alchemist’ potential (and the inspiration for this idea) can be found in the bonus missions of the original Royal Revolt.


They allow you to play as the ‘Mage’ and equip you heros unlocked spells as you attack.

Try pressing the scream button in one of those missions…

It pops off a combo of whatever spells you have currently equip.


I found this amazing and was always confused why the best part of Royal Revolt never made it into RR2

Elite spells against barricades or wolf would be alot helpfull since it is danm hard to raid vg … burn … realms and immortal bases now

everybody loves power, I go for it :wink:


Here’s an idea. Concentrated Boom. Twice the power as a regular Sonic Boom, but with minuscule range. I.e, you can only damage things which you directly touch. No Firebolts, no crossing lanes, no hopping barricades, etc. this would work really well for those who also use Hellfire with Sonic Boom anyway.

If you just upgrade your sonic boom, it will eventually deal twice the damage :grinning:


Jokes aside, max lvl (6) sonic blast deals really a ton of damage… only max lvl skull or snake towers can withstand it, everything else will crumble (including max lvl firebolt towers).

So… doubling the damage will not have much of an effect (except for max lvl skulls and the castle gate), as most things already die with the current amount of damage… so a relatively minor advantage only.

A very low range… which doesn’t even allow me to attack firebolt towers, across-path obstacles or troops on crossing lanes that are at the very edge towards “my” lane of the path, and also affects much less troops in melee… would basically make the spell useless alltogether.

Note: Before saying that’s not true, please consider that the range of the spell would have to be lower than the melee range of an ogre in order not to hit firebolt towers! So that spell would actually rather be a “more damage” effect for the king’s sword then…


I can’t speak for others, but I probably wouldn’t use that spell… I even dislike the first spell (hammerstrike) for its low range, despite it has the same range as firestorm, sonic blast or bladestorm (but one-shot instead of damage over time), despite its very short cooldown. And I also always disliked blizzard for its low range. Now, that they increased blizzard range, lowered cooldown, and DECREASED its damage, I upgraded and use this spell in almost every raid (and with great success so far, considering it’s current still-low level for me…)!

Bladestorm with fire damage could take the place against Tough Barricade ! :slight_smile:

Stun + Instant-Fire sounds cooler. Or Fired Poison Spell. :smiley:

I need Archer riding a Wolf!

And Sonic Blast with Armageddon ahahahahaah

Blizzard + Shield = “Ice shield” :wink:


Hammerstrike + Firestorm = Meteor rain :slight_smile: