Elite/War/Pro Boost Buttons need a 5X Multiplier!

Just like the Instant Troop Donations where we have Donate and Donate All buttons.

And just like the far less important Hero Item Slots where we have the option to buy 1 or buy 5.

We need two buttons for the Elite/War/Pro Boosts!

I’m often Boosting Troops 5 or more days out, and I have to click the button once for every 6 or so hours for like 10 plus different Troops and that button is not responsive so there is a long annoying delay in it!

We need the option to Boost for 6 hours, and then an option that’s as if we clicked the button 5 or 10 times!

Totally agree!! Awesome idea, would make everything easier

Even I agree !

X1 for lower Alliance, x5 for Alliance at level 40 and X10 for Alliance at level 60+