This us an emergency help please

As this is the suggestions section, I suggest calling 911 ?

what we suppose to do? take the phone and call 911. If you are hurt call the ambulance, if you are pursued by a terrorist call the police, if you have a depression call the people who will help you. I repeat what we can do for you? More specific? more details? about RR2? about something else?

If you live in Hawaii yeah I advice you to evacuate. The volcano is dangerous. If you live in Florida yeah I advice you to evacuate. Alberto arrive on you.Go in a safety place.Please

If you have the flu then eat popsicle. The cold will stop that

if your animal is hurt or don’t feel right call the veterans and take a rendez-vous.The veterans will treat him

If you have fear in the dark alone call your mom. she will reassure you

for others thing just ask we will suggest you some stuffs what to do.Don’t hesitate

Its not that look September 18th 2017 my country got severely beaten by a category 5 hurricane named Maria and I lost my home and everything and because it f that I am not able to play rr2 so my emergency is to give my gave access pass to someone trusting to look after my kingdom until I’m back on my feet I can’t keep this up I’ve missed alot of events today is some pal event and I am not able to play right now and I can’t place that as a priority so before I go home today in the next post I’ll post up my sign in info 



Thanks you for accepting this task

No one accepted anything and it’s illegal to knowingly have someone else access your account. Don’t post sign in details anywhere unless you want to get banned and probably hacked. I will personally screw up your account if you post sign in details here, just to make a point. Just leave it until you can start playing again.

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Giving away an account is not allowed by our Terms of Services.

Therefore I’m locking this thread.

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