emojies for status reply of questions

hi there.

would be great if admis, devs, moderators would be able to give some “special” emojies to single posts (like the few each forum user can give “thx”,“haha”,“confused”,“sad”,“like”, see screen underneath) to give more feedback without the need of posting an additional post…

like “question/(post) in progress”, “yes”, “no”, “will be solved/changed with next update”, “will not changed” …,  “we can’t tell you that”, " i hate you for asking this" (joke), …

something like this. would be great - i know you read everything here (at least you try ?), madlen also gives good feedback (#madlendoesagreatjob) and so on, but this would be also good for us, to see there is a short manual feedback given (and maybe this can also make the work of madlen easier - not always there is a need for an additional post or comment).

at least in the section “monthly questions” it would be great to see which of them will be answered at the end of the month and so on… (but this could also be done by a “list of questions in progress” done on top of the thread, but therefore madlen would have more work… and some questions are also more complex (and therefore need to be shortened for the list), some also become obsolete by the end of the moth)


example for the “list of questions in progress for oktober”, considering the first questions:

  • Will there be new towers, powers, or units introduced in 2018? … “yes”
  • When will fix the bug with the defenders? … “in progress”
  • Do developers play Olympus rising or do they have a team of individuals that play OR everyday? … “we don’t tell you”
  • Are the devs aware that some oddessy bonus’ are already around 50% … “in progress”


I just think monthly is too long a period to wait to have the questions answered. If it was every 2 weeks it would be more timely and cut down on some of the hysterics. But I’m under the assumption that all these forum changes are a work in progress and will be adjusted to better suit the needs of the customers at some point. 

Hi, there is not a technical way to implement this (as far as I know).

There are tags that I am checking regularly “community manager input needed” but sometimes for reasons I cannot answer all of these either.

But these are the only ones I can use for now.

I see where you are coming from though, but it seems not possible. I will try to give more comments though, but at the moment I am already getting back whenever I can and whenever I have new information.

Sorry to have no better news! :slightly_frowning_face:


It will remain monthly for now. They are pretty time intensive :slight_smile:

The volume of questions might start to slow down after we go through a couple of these, so that might help with the time sink. It’s still a very nice feature and I appreciate it.