Empire of Flatsch is looking for u!

Hi everybody,

we are looking for active Members who donate regularly to become one of the greatest alliances!

We are German and English speaking and are very active in the game.


  • BE ACTIVE - inactive Players will be kicked

  • keep upgrading your alliance tower and donate regularly

Alliance Stats:

  • Alliance Level 15

  • Rank 1635

  • Last Wars: 1 - 1 - 2


Most active Players will be generals!

Join Empire of Flatsch



wir suchen aktive Mitglieder für unsere Allianz um diese großartig zu machen :slight_smile:  

Vorraussetzung ist, dass ihr aktiv teilnehmt und regelmässig spendet.

Also lasst uns groooß werden :stuck_out_tongue:

Kommt in das Empire of Flatsch