Empire of the Sun !!!!!! looking for active members !!!!

Empire of the Sun  is an international alliance

We are a mature, chatty, war active alliance that is looking for loyal members.

We mainly speak English but everyone is welcome to join us.

Highest ranking is Top 100.

 Alliance Name: Empire of the Sun 

Alliance  level: 44 lvl

  _ Boosters:   _ Blazing Knights, Power Archers    activated 24/7!!!

_  War Boosters: **   __ Tough Barricades,   Ranged Bomber,Frost Trap,   Storm Cannons,    Stunning Ogres  and  Raging Wolves.  _  **


       Requirements ** :-**

  • Donate Daily!
  • Minimum Donation  limit    150k  
  • Participation in war  (Minimum 3 Attacks on every battle)
  • Loyalty  - through ups & downs! 
  • if you meet the requirements and rules, you will remain as long as you want. You will not be replaced by people who is stronger/better than you. Unless you fail to obey the requirements and rules.
  • We take war participation and frequent donations  SERIOUSLY.