Empty Castle looking for Kings

Alliance “Solidarity” is looking for a whole bunch of new kings to fill its ranks. We recently allied with another alliance, so we will be running the two of them together. You will notice it has only 15 out of 54 member slots filled. All of our main players are currently at our main branch getting it set up, so we need alot of new blood to fill the ranks in Solidarity =)


it will be a rough week or two getting it full, so you can expect to lose the next few wars. It is still a top alliance though, with top level boosts active and all members of “Deutschland” are also part of the Solidarity alliance (name changes are pending) and will return to help set it up once we establish our main branch. We need active kings to fill the ranks though, so bring a friend. Leaders and generals are welcome, and we would happily promote active players to the rank of General if they prove their mettle. Current requirements are 3000 trophies and 100k donations. You will notice two of our leaders are much (muuuuuch) lower than that. No need to worry, they are part of a larger group and are there for administrative purposes currently.


Post your kings name here if you are interested please. Happy Hunting