Enable pro ticket in prostore

We should really be able to buy pro tickets in the prostore.

I have all the pro pets in the store, basicly all pro items and the crystals are just piling up. And seeing how long it takes until the store changes I’m gonna be overloaded.

So I really wish that we could buy pro tickets for crystals 

Why don’t you buy pro chests then with your surplus of crystals?

There’s Pro chest in the pro shop and you can get pro ticket from that.

Well I don’ really want anything in the pro chests its like 90% pearls and pal treats only  in the ones we can buy for crystals

Huh? Just buy pro chests if u have a surplus of crystals, or more pro pets to donate as beasts like phoebe beast tough in defense?? Honestly this is a dumb topic/complaint. An I dont mind getting pearls an pal food in chests.Saves me time melting down an i can upgrade pets more often

An if u have everything in the pro shop an have a surplus of crsytals, why u complaining bout being able to buy pro tickets with crystals? U have everything what need do u have to compete?? All the top alliances are scavenging for crystals to buy pro pets to donate as beasts yet u complaining bout having too much crystals an nothing to buy LOL

Hmm you sound retarded. 

Complaining about being able to buy tickets? No its not possible and that’s what I wish was possible. Learn too read. 

Not everyone is in a top alliance and I don’t feel like donating those. Its nice to get gems from monthly rewards etc that’s why I keep playing.

Rather spent useless crystals on getting more tickets than spending gems that I can use for other stuff or real cash. 


And with the new Pro-Boost using crystals to get tickets would help more players be able to play Pro.

Your face is retarded. Thats what i meant u complaining u cant buy tickets with crystals apologies for the grammatical error u troll. And not just top alliances,mid level alliances also collecting pro pets for beasts. Dont play pro league anymore then if u have every item & pet and u dont plan on donating pro pets like u say. Although with the pro boosts maybe buying pro tickets for crystals would be good

Stay on topic and no personal attacks.

Huh? Let’s see: you have all the pro-things, you don’t care for pearls or pal treats. And you don’t care about buying pro-pets to donate to alliance!!

Well aren’t you lucky.

Come on guys, not like it would hurt anyone if you could buy pro tickets in the pro shop. If he doesn’t need anything and wants this option, it’s not like it would change anything for you. If you haven’t got anything that you want, you would still save your crystals for it, and if not you might just as well still save them or use it to buy pro tickets for alliance this way.

Frankly, it’s highly unlikely that they would implement it.

It would negate the need of spending money to buy the Pro ticket, unless it’s priced at a significantly high price. At which point it would make this whole suggestion kind of obsolete, I guess.

Well, it’s Dwight Shrute, what do you expect  :wink:

Have the granny  come over there and restore it with a gem :sunglasses: ”heeey"

There really is not anything you want at the store right now
You do not want to make a donation by turning the earned crystal into a beast

It may be good to deal with the Leader of the Alliance that wants Pro Beast (for example Phoebe 1: Tickets 4 to 5)

However, as this becomes popular, the problem of “fraud” emerges.
People who are not good will cheat.

Can you make reliable friends?or 
It may be a good idea to wait for the idea of the system called “exchanges”