Enabled/Disabled Ninja Troops!

I want to have option to play with / or without ninjas !! Again I speak here, 'm not forced to carry troops who don’t want or be forced to use magic that I don’t want (to protect the ninjas) … put a button to enable / disable this shit!

If you don’t want Ninjas  the solution is simple don’t do the event :slight_smile:


Or let the ninjas die right in the beginning of your raids.

Shut Up!

Who would miss those uber chest? Missing Event in not an option.

There’s a need for enabling or disabling that ninja.

That’s what the main problem is.

Well, maybe for some, but for some others the problem might be ninjas triggering towers or wolves, and there’s where suggestion comes to life.

What you say is indeed my case, but I’m not still complaining because they need to balance defense.

How you supposing it balance the defence?

Applying some recently mentioned ideas like a guardian or forging Castle Gate.

Hey, this is not the case, because the rewards are worth the effort to compete in the event. The question is , opicional be like all other troops , you are not required to play with mortar all the time … so be it with ninjas as well.

I’d personally just like a button to summon them.  Most of the time they do die pretty quickly, I’d like to hold off until I have a few monks!

Another button would be very difficult to manage. Either they spawn after a 10-second delay or they spawn along with the pressing of the first instant-troop. With the second option, you can delay or even may not want the units. It will depend on when you activate the insta-troops (and its only the first time).

I guess having a button to summon them once during a raid, may be too much in offense, defenses in most cases don’t even exists unless you can forge them. We have powerful uber items,  troops, spells, insta troops, and you want insta ninjas which will appear exactly when you need them ?. The way they work now is quite good in my opinion, they do their thing, you cannot control them, they will transfer here and there, maybe will die somewhere, you never know and that’s ok in my opinion.


And to me, personally, they don’t bother me during a raid, at the same time they don’t help me that much. I see them only at the beginning of a raid, later they are gone and see them at the gate if they are alive. To some extend they are helpful because they do some demage to fbs, lts etc, they can distract opponent’s troops from my king and my army so that’s ok.

Almost forget I have them against the top bases, maybe if they were good at knocking down firebolts or LT’s they’d be useful.  It has meant a lot more poison towers, though the paladin boost may be in effect here.

As for the defence being too weak, play against the top perked bases, there’s no point complaining about a perked king fighting a non-perked base, you want good defence, then perk your towers instead of your magic, a few LT with high range will quickly kill most armies.

I agree in respects of not having to have Ninjas for all raids, in most raids they are a liability rather than a bonus, but I guess we are stuck with them if we win them. I think to make them more valuable and worth trying to keep alive they should do significant damage to firebolt towers, this would increase their value especially if you can shelter them until you get to the gate.

Reply me on current & happening.

Ideas are on process.

That’s an good idea. It can be done.

yes - I agree

Make it an option to forge the ninja. I suggest damage, attack range & poison resistance. 


where has the information ninjas , put a button ( on / off ) that’s all. Need not be another button on the gameplay, but as a choice troop .

You didn’t specify that I should mention something that’s in the game already. The only thing they can do then is buffing towers and obstacles, or nerfing spells and units.

But I think implementing new ideas is the best option because it adds something new to the game at the same time.

Where’s my button on/ off? F*k, just want the rewards, no like the ninjas do not want to play with him, f*ck*ng hell