End-game items

Hi, what level is advised to start considering an item “endgame”? I’m lvl 98 now, the items in pro shops are 130 and the one i find in uber chests are 124. Everytime i get a level they become stronger, but when i’ll be able to say “ok, from now on i will start to hard forge, investing all my perls, because i will keep this, even when i’ll be level 130”?


edit: i’m talking about king’s level

Level 130 is the highest for both items and king, but on level 100 you should start getting a lot of 130 level gear, so that’s the level you can call “end-game”, just remember stats may vary a little bit between items even of the same level.

As a general rule for a regular player, I’d say any lvl130 item could be considered an end game item.

However, it really depends on the individual player’s regular pearl supply. If you can get enough pearls each week/month to continually forge the 5 skull items, than you could start your “end game item forging” sooner than that.

Keep in mind that you also need pearls to forge your spells, troops and defenses.


My personal preference is to only really invest in items obtained after king lvl110. There’s a considerable difference between lvl100 king’s items to a lvl110, but not so much after that (specially pro items). The items I got when I was lvl110 are very close to the items I get now at lvl117, so that’s why I say king lvl110+ is good enough.

Considering my limited pearl weekly supply, I don’t have enough pearls for everything. So I prioritize my pearl spending like this:

  1. spells - I forge everything until they have at least 20 forges on the usefull perks and at that point I stop focusing on that specific spell

  2. troops - same as above

  3. end game skull items (I only have a ring right now, so it’s not too expensive)

  4. defensive structures - focus first on the most important perks (like range on LT and Heal towers), and just try to forge as much as possible, without overspending here, not to compromise the pearls needed for 1), 2) and 3).

Yes, exactly what i was trying to explain (but my english don’t allow me :wink:  ). The question is: ok, the level cap for items/king is 130, but the stats keep changing, so when i can say “ok, this will change very little from now on, i can keep this item (forever maybe?) and forging more and more”? Like king’s level 104? (when i should be able to get lvl 130 items from uber chests)

So you advise level 110. Thanks, this was very usefull :slight_smile:

each lvl up increases bonuses in hero items and statistics in pals :grinning:

You can consider “end-game” an item if it’s lvl 130 but if your king isn’t lvl 130, it’s not entirely maxed. The real max can be reached once you hit the lvl 130 with your king. Only there the bonuses stats of the items lvl 130 will be maxed. And from here you can still improve them slightly by forgings them.

There would be also the pro items that are 10% better than uber items. It’s advisable to buy pro items only if you’re lvl 130 or close because the scale of the bonuses varies a lot for them for few king’s levels.