End of super gold raids?

Today I had 5 different upgrades finishing up so I had to raid alot today to get enough gold. 

Now it’s been a few hours since I raided and I mostly see people below 100k and no one above 200k.   I’m level 102 and usually find 400+ easily. 

Anyone else noticing any drastic declines in raidable gold?

I still get high gold raid. Maybe Flare put an exception for you.

In my case, after about 3 or 4 good raids, the big numbers disappear and I start seeing 100k or 200k if I’m lucky. It seems like it is set to some kind of timer until big numbers show again. Any input from a community manager?

The decrease in game generated loot is still there, but on a higher level. So after some raids (depends on the relative level of the defenders to yours) it is “depleted” and you almost only get decent gold from the chambers/taverns. If you are unlucky you don’t have someone near you in the players list with enough gold. I had no problem today …

I too had no probs today!! But after about 4-5 raids gold did decreased drastically for me.

I experienced it since yesterday, after 4 to 5 raids, the golds drastically drop,

I couldn’t find a worthy opponent even in my matchmaker.

most of them were below 200k golds.

I still can find bases that give me 700k gold, but not as frequent as before. Also, after 4 raids gold drops dramatically, the most I can get is 200k…

I still saw a lot of 500k+ plus raids today, filled my chamber up to max.

The notorious loot algorithm is back. Big time. Flares have hidden it only for a week or two to earn time and to silence the protests.

The only reason you still see some opponents with decent loot is because players leave huge unprotected sums of gold in their chambers. They do this because the upgrades are now too long and nothing to do with the gold in the meanwhile.

You can buy food using gems to reset the games gold calculation. Gold should go from approx. 100K to 500K

All this would do is reset YOUR gold bonus.

Thanks Stoggberg for the method. Good to know this.

Still, for us the free players no gold in the game anymore.

After enough raids today and some yesterday i can confirm, they changed it again. It may not be at the low levels of before 2.0, but we’ll have to evaluate further.

Flare, remember when i started to not watching ads for bread any more? That was when you made it useless to raid with you offering 4k gold and less to me :grinning:

I started 8m monk 12m shield 5m silo upgrade yesterday and still have 4m in chamber after that.

the Gold crises is back the same as before, after only few raids the amount of gold is down to 70k and if i am lucky i can find someone with 200k, everyone is upgrading so big loots are hard to find these days, the situation is making me frustrated and angry.

i really cannot understand Flaregames point of view, instead of making their customers happy and satisfied they are making us stressed, angry and no where near satisfaction.

what kind of customer care they have, they are like abusive spouses or a drug lord how beat us daily but we are forced to stay because we are addicted to this game.

Good to see its not just me.

The increased gold seems to dissapearing almost permanently after you have grinded huge amounts of gold. It’s getting closer to where it was before the change now. Imagine how the new max uograde prices will be fun to try and get in building events 

Every now and then you get that urge to press the “gems purchase” button to come out of boredom and addiction. When you are hit by that kind of a thought, take a deep breath, log out, go for a walk/play with your loved ones/commit the gem amount to some charity, come back, open up write on the chat board the nice thing that you have done and feel proud of it.

Once you pay you will always feel a need to repeat it coz you already paid and you have an interim feeling “was it for nothing”? That feeling will keep on growing as you keep on paying. Don’t worry the FG will go bankrupt if you don’t pay, they won’t. They have so many other sources to cash in. In any case, when FG decides to pull the shutters it will do even if you pay or not. 




I could still find enough loot yesterday plus this morning. Maybe I was just fortunate, fact is that I also leave gold unprotected behind for others to grab. Today I used a gold shield for three days (sorry collegues, troop and spell upgrade are ready within two days, otherwhise I would offer you to take some of my gold).

During recess I notice that most bases with 400k+ are players being online 90% of the time. Then it is definitely harder to find loot, but still I am able to find 300+ bases. Although I still find enough gold, I also have the feeling that after 5 or 6 raids gold is indeed decreasing dramatically. Add this to the boring aspect and we have a problem. Waiting times for upgrades to finish are too long, so players don’t need gold to raid, some have full chambers.

I overcome this problem by every now and then by opening my base during recess and dropping lots of trophies. Within a few days my gold problem seems to be solved. When members need gold me and my members open our bases and share it with them, it’s the only way to keep all of our members getting enough gold for upgrades.

Gold is indeed moving out of the game fast due to more and more expensive upgrades. I already compared it with taking a swimming pool of water out of a lake and only throwing back a bucket of water. That bucket won’t help. Now a dozen of swimming pools are pulled out of the lake and only one swimming pool is added due to war season. They have to monitor the height of the water and react accordingly. It’s unacceptable that rewards are given around 100k from players around hero level or above.

For iOS and android players they won’t face this situation cause they have the legendary chest from video,one day get around 6chest,expires in 2days.accumulate 12 and open it u get around 12m,so upgrade is not a problem or them

With the “free” tavern boost, there is a lot a gold available. I still get 300k-1M player easily in the 4000 trophy area. It’s just too bad I don’t really need gold right now but Granny is extremly happy to sell me some item to melt.

Shhh, quiet, you don’t want to provoke a riot, don’t you :grinning: