Enemy howl boost never run out when i raid with flute pal

it’s nerver happend before until I raid with flute pal skill  sometimes when enemy beast got howl boosted. that boost never run out it’s duration . please look into it play on version 4.5.0 platform window 10

still happend . this case in war when phobee got wolf boost . it never run out [ always boosted ]https://youtu.be/rcgY7XfC7jc

Hello, we see in the video that phebe is not boosted by wolf.
The blue aura mean intimidation, so phebe is weaker and takes more damage from all sources.
When he is boosted by wolf the aura is red.

look at a consecutive attack at 0:11 it faster than normal
i think wolf aura won’t show but it still took effect

Hi there,
Thanks for reporting but we cannot confirm there is an issue here.

https://youtu.be/9MnrhPMBMvQ check this

Hi there, this looks fine as well.

if it fine then i have several question
according to this clip https://youtu.be/9MnrhPMBMvQ

  1. when was the wolf buff applied to that phobe
  2. exact duration of the wolf buff in term of defense side

this clip record at time left 1.23 min and wolf boost still going until 1.02 min so as i understand wolf buff duration in defense is 1.23 - 1.02 = 21 sec !!! so correct me if i wrong

I can see that you don’t know that, more you fight phoebe, more fast she will attack you. In this case, it doesn’t have a howl affect at all.

https://youtu.be/lT8kHYkG3vM here i test by more and more fight phobe , the attack rate is normal no matter how long in fight

Look closely, at 0:39 a wolf use howl next to phoebe… Then, killing phoebe have to be quicker man… There’s zero bug in here

I agree something is strange here.

That I test because you explained that phobe getting stronger by more fighting.
What exactly you mean?
By time remaining? Because I don’t see any unusual attack rate at all by how long I man up this phobe