Enemy trophy lvl on all islands

OK I’m going to touch this sensitive subject because I’ve noticed quite a lot this past few weeks regarding trophy lvl of enemies on islands.

Basically I’m borderline top 100 and am lvl 130 (20k+trophies), so I don’t have a ridiculous trophy cap holding me back anymore, but yet It seems the top 75 almost never appear on my islands! Yet of course I get attacked daily by such players. (this isn’t the issue, but why a one way street.) 

Basically you thought to make it easier for us by taking away high lvl trophy enemies from the islands, but instead put identical difficulty opponents in their place. In reality there is NO DIFFERENCE in difficulty between a lvl 131 titan league player with 19k trophies and a player with 25k trophies.  The only difference is now they never appear on our islands.

So how do you find these elusive players of the top 50? I have no idea, I have thousands of battles over the past month or 2 yet never seen for example Dumpster ever. Seen the top guy once. The others I might see once every few weeks.  The image below is not aimed at singling players out but just to show what I’m saying. 

FG @Madlen they (the devs)  said they it’s hard to tinker with the system as it’s finely balanced or something, yet last update you managed to mess with it and put easy opponents on the inner islands (which isn’t bad in itself - allows people to lvl up Artemis/Ajax with no fear of losing for example.  Right now this distribution of high lvl trophy enemies is pathetic, IMO you just made them all invisible…at the end of the day if they are there to attack it is through choice if you decide to do so; many used gems to improve their trophy count also. (so there are corporate implications here - nobody will use gems on a +3 trophy enemy, who is as hard as a 30k trophy enemy) 

To sum up just in case you missed it, that sever update was an still is an abomination…needs fixed.  Ready the critics…

In addition I always seem to get the same players over and over and over again. I can find the same player 3 times in one day easily. Earlier today I cleared an island an 2 mins later the same guy appeared on another island.  It’s like we have a small ‘pool’ of players that are in our group…sucks big time - for him mainly.

Edit- top guy just appeared on my islands for the 2nd time ever, perhaps you saw my post?

Well said.  It does seem odd that many of the top 50 players rarely appear on our maps.  I have been lvl 131 for quite some time and while the top guys often attack me, I can’t seem to find them ?

Same in here…

I have the same situation

We all know there is a cap that keeps players from getting above a certain trophy lvl (20k and < lvl130 currently).  

Clearly there is an invisibility cap (not cape :grinning:  )whereby if you go above you are classed by the system as so difficult that they wont appear on ‘normal’ players maps.  Anyone know what trophy lvl you need to get to before you rarely appear to be attacked?

Top guys are protected,like always! I raised my lvl to 130 right now and have 19k trophies. On my road to this amount of trophies I had 1% top players (in top 100),9% guys around 20k trophies (that cap where you were all this time) and 90% strong titan players where I can earn max +3 trophies,but It is often +2 because of their buggy statues!!

Hi Helios, is normal, you fight against strong titan league players whit few trophies, and if you don’t want lose 12 trophies failing a raid you are forced to use gems, against players whit much trophies you lose only 1 trophy … the system works very well

You’re right,exactly!It seems that’s the plan. Meanwhile,top elite players can always attack us(PLAYERS WITHOUT CHAOS GATE),in order to get 30k trophies asap,reach maximum Pheme lvl and become even more powerful.

The more trophies you get, the fewer players there are who are worth +15, and now there are fewer high level players in general on the island map, so less opportunity to run across players worth +15. 

@Philstar lost 98 trophies in 15 hours, 6 attacks on 12 was - 14 or - 15 trophies…matchmaking seems to know who most lose trophies, i noticed an old elite gained 2k-3k trophies in a couple of week and i sow he gained 600 trophies in 4-5 days, i repeat the matchmaking know who most lose trophie and who is protected, the rest are lies 

Hi there, sorry to hear you are experiencing issues. Here is the answer I can share from the devs to explain it:

When a player has a lot of Trophies and is attacked whenever they appear on anyone’s islands, because they are so valuable, they will appear on less islands. The calculation is not how many islands they appear on, it is how often they are attacked. If they are not attacked often, they will appear on more islands. This means valuable players will appear less often on an individual person’s islands, because they are (generally) attacked much more often. We have no special code in place to prevent higher players being attacked more, or making specific players appear on islands less.

(Also I moved this thread to general discussion - trophy system)

That makes sense, thank you. 

Dumspter, you attacked me twice this week (a poor lv121 guy). But I also had the pleasure to kik M4RK QUEIJO … Seriously, the matching is all over the space since the change (8 early islands with “easy” opponents - I guess that’s how I appeared on your islands). My def loses me about 100 trophies everyday. But hey, I actually welcome the change. At least I have opportunities to face the top guy in the outer-ring islands, and if I fail, it’s just -1 trophy for the experience :wink:


the combat system on the islands is governed by the number of trophies, not by  the level of the player. Many strong player knowingly have a few trophies, because if he win over you, and you have more trophies, you lost -15!!! OK , that is a one of a tactics of player.

But if you have a player who is stronger than you about 20 levels??? it might not be such a big problem

But if he is from an alliance that has all the war bonuses ,some  has a golden statue, more than 20k points in the odyssey, they are from 2 or more leagues higher than you??? BEAT HIM ??? YOU CAN Try it three times, you lose all ambrosia, a lot of crystal, you lose 45-60 trophies,  and at the moment there is another strong, maybe stronger player.? It’s depressing and unfair. He gets from you the crystals,  raw materials, he don´t lose a trophies, and he is ?.THIS IS a PROBLEM

Therefore, the player on the island should be from the same league or at least the league above, than I have the chance to win over him, not to lose so many trophies and crystals

IT IS only suggetion . I kow, it is no so easy to get it or change in the system of game. 

I hope that at least somebody will think about it .



  1. most players don’t have low trophies on purpose. They just don’t grind for trophies a lot. 

  2. if you have low trophies for your level you get fewer gems when someone uses an invo on you. If players purposefully drop trophies to earn gems, it won’t work. Also, if they were earning lots and lots of trophies from defense, they wouldn’t have low trophies for very long. Hint: they’re losing more trophies than they gain. 

  3. you’re not forced to fight any player on your map. The game tries to give you a mix of easy, hard, and medium enemies. It doesn’t always succeed, but that’s the goal. If you can easily beat most players in your own league, congratulations! You’re an excellent player for your level. The game will continue to try and give you a mix of challenging enemies as you level up. 

  4. the matchmaking on islands is governed by trophies and level, not one or the other. 

Any idea what the ratio is?

Nope, they’ve never said publicly. I would assume that it has to do with average trophies per level, so it’s not a fixed number. I think that you start losing gems when you’re 3 standard deviations off average but I could be wrong or they could have changed it. 

yea, I kinda think its total BS… I lost over 1000 trophies over past couple weeks since Flare made changes. It is worse than before the changes. I am now about 6000 trophies, and daily I get attacked by 20k or more players… rarely do I get attacked by 5k or 6k, even 7 or 8k players… I think I do not appear on their maps… if they are in same sad situation as me, they would attack me and I would see a few players near my rank, but I do not. I only see Gods of War bririt, boomshakalaka, her0es, and some Russians… more or less. Once in a while some random high level alliance member, but basically it is players I would NEVER be able to beat, much less would even attempt… EVERY opponent on my map has Phalanx wall. This game has become basically unplayable for me, except for wars and oddy… 


maybe put some effort into matching opponents on regular islands like has been done to match alliances in wars… that seems more realistic. The regular map is unplayable for me.

What’s your level?

One other point: you ask where are the players ~level 135 with 5,000-7,000 trophies? Why aren’t you appearing on their map?

In all likelihood you are appearing on their maps. They’re just not attacking you. Either they think you’re too much of a threat and they go for the lower level or less-well-blessed enemies that generate, the same way that you do, or they for all intents and purposes don’t raid on their island map. They might do 20 raids per week, while 20 raids per hour isn’t unusual for the players you do get attacked by. There are casual and hardcore players in this game, and we all dip into the same pool of players.

I think looking back at the past year of changes to the trophy system, some of the changes that seemed positive at the time have had really negative consequences. It’s really incentivized trophy farming, which hurts casual players and creates, i think, unintended pockets of players at the top and at the bottom. I say that as someone who has really only benefited from the changes. I’m including even the change from 25 trophies to 15 trophies. I think 1 year later that change hurt the game as a whole.

The trophy/hall of gods system as we know it is going to go away soon (so they say), so if you can hold out longer you might enjoy the game more after those changes.

Edit 2: No changes were made in the past few weeks. Are you talking about the changes back in the fall?