Energy cost for war unreasonable

I took this screenshot from our conquest event. We have one member attached enemy’s level one tower with one guard and one other enemy. Need 336 energy to attack once. The energy cost is totally unreasonable 1VS2.


Not only for war, also waiting for energy to restore just takes too long. We start with 500 energy, start to explore and before we know it, energy is depleted. Every hour we regain 45. So in around 11 hours energy is fully restored. It would be great if that energy restores in less time, for example within 8 hours. Just when 1 energy restores per minute (60 per hour instead of 45), the balance would already be much better. There are tiles like Swamp that cost more energy than is restored in one hour, so once you are low on energy, it takes too much time before you even can decently move again. Now we only have the option to wait, because if we are close to a fight, we need energy to do so. So exploring is risky. 

During fights there should be a maximum cap on energy per fight, so that a player with full energy can at least do his raids. So a cap of 100-200 max would be good. It’s not done to let a player not do any fights, just because a fight even costs more energy than max energy possible. 

With more energy then there would be more requirements to be active in the game more.

As for the energy cost for battles, that just bad planning and not understanding.  Some one had no troops.

I am a little confused here.  Why is it so much?  Does the energy needed to do things change at higher tiers?

When you attack somebody’s watchtower by yourself, you can expect to see high energy costs per battle, especially on the first or second day when no energy has been researched in the Tech Tree. However, I 100% agree that this is not how it should be. While the prices should be higher when attacking in enemy territory (as it is when traveling through their territory), they shouldn’t be at 300-700 per attack

Energy costs don’t seem to change based on the tier.  The energy cost for a fight is based on the ratio of the attack and defense rating in that fight, which are each based on terrain, troops, # of heros, etc.  Typically a very lopsided fight like this is because one side had very few troops, and the other side had tons of troops/heroes.  In the OP, for a 1v2 fight, he must’ve been fighting in an opponents tower and or fighting with 0 troops against 2 players with full troops and the troop doubling tech.

Troops are extremely important to achieving SV and being able to fight for little energy.

I am going to have to play around with this next conquest.  My alliance always tries to use troops to our advantage, so maybe that is why I have never seen energy costs that high.  We also practice never attacking towers alone, always with 3+ players. 

If the energy can allow us more to explore the map. the energy should restore a little more faster. each Conquest the alliance I am in only explore 25% and sometime less. So can be possible in one Conquest to explore 100%?

Majority of time I see 1 alliance on 3. Never meet the others. really hope to explore more in future