Energy cost to attack?

How do you figure out how that number is made?

328 energy to do one attack? How low does it take to rebuild that? 

 Because 1 player attacks 9 of them.

That is normal. Like in real life unless you are Neo from Matrix.

It’s the troop ratio that is the problem.
It’s not 1 vs 9

Its: 350 vs 2113

but Wait! you also attacked them on forest so its really more like:

301 vs 3648

So you are effectively outnumbered 10:1

And people wonder why the fights end so quick. They need 2961 skulls for a supreme victory, and if no one did any more attacks, the 9 defenders would auto win about 50 minutes after that screen shot.

We need to learn, and it was attack to get them out and only one i the tower when attacked. If i know that energy go up, I would just have done all my 8 attacks when 3 have joined, i would have had 10k and lasted longer.


The score is now 6316 to us vs 5710. They still need *2k for supreme, I need 244.002 for supreme and war lasted almost 5h so far. Think that is ok, ONE player lock 9 while the rest of my team go for the real goal?

WOW, the real goal plan just got fucked up by flare bug. +3 attacks research DONT work.


But war 1 vs 9 still run, 5h 47m. I didnt do the matchmaker for conquest, thats on flare ? But they have problem beat one of our best defense 

+6 hours and still standing, but ok enemy is cheap, they had 18 or 20 attacks to score that, i had 3 before run out of energy

good Night ?

Bien joué cher compatriote

it look like you are waaayyyyy Op for those defender so it seem like they are not really having fun

Flare matchmaker is ***** up as always, this conquest even worse than normal.

2 ally lvl 80, rank 23 and 90, next 2 ally is lvl 67 and lvl 61. Whats the fun in that ?

In another post which I have made few hours ago I need 750 energy.

Ratio of players are 1:4 but main issue is forest defence modifier multiplied with WT.