Energy costs in 5-days Conquest

Hi there,

I have seen various feedback about the energy costs in the 5-days Conquest.

I would like to see a tendency and to collect the feedback on the energy costs as they are now in one complete thread.

Please keep in mind:

If we lower the energy costs, this means quicker movements on the map and possibly a feeling to have to be more online in Conquest.

I am looking forward to your input.

Please remember, it helps most if you reason your arguments for positive and negative feedback such as “I like /don’t like the energy costs as they are right now because…” .

Thank you!

I think the movement costs are good now. You can get pretty far in a day.

(I’ll wait for your poll on research costs - that’s where you need work, imo.)

I don’t necessarily think the cost is too high I think the cooldown is too long.

I don’t think I need a poll for that. I think the overall tone of the community is that the wisdom costs are too high and that alliance gold is scarce. I have forwarded this information already to the devs. IF there will be any changes to these things, I will make sure to announce them. :slight_smile:


Energy cost is fine.  If it is less.  Then we have to be online more often.  No thanks.  But mind u,  ppl are still frustrated when they log in o cell and have nothing to do.  

I said that they are too high, however, I would like to point out that this is only at the beginning of the conquest. Once your alliance moves further down the Tech Tree the energy gets to be low, which is great. Same goes for moving on watchtower tiles, those costs are perfect! I would like to see the costs of normal movements to move down just a tad though

I think alliance gold costs are mostly fine (at least on the tier we were on). It’s the wisdom costs that are the problem, IMO.

Anyway, sorry to derail.

Penso che la riduzione dei costi energetici consenta a molti giocatori di fare più mosse sulla mappa e più spesso e avere maggiori possibilità nella costruzione di torri e battaglie.they do not like them. too much time between one movement and another

Completely translated for convenience

I said too low, because only after the movement costs were adjusted after the research (movement costs reduced 20% and enemy territory cost reduced 50%) did the movement actually feel ‘on point’. It was ‘on point’ after those researches, but the base cost was too slow paced for me nor would people starting from Stronghold have been able to make it to the center quickly.

Just my few cents. Energy for moving is fine, but it of course depends on terrain type. In the desert conquest, energy was a huge showstopper, during the Halloween conquest it was fine. 

Having said that, during wars the energy cost should not be depending on number of opponents versus participating members. Energy for a raid should be constant, for example 30-60 energy per raid. Then everyone knows exactly the costs and there will be no situations that a raid costs more than max energy (500 it was last conquest). 

That energy cost of a raid could be reduced by research then also makes sense.

i was mistake and i want to change my vote. How i can do it?

I can change it, if you tell what you voted before and what you want to vote now. You can also send me a PM for that, if you do not want to make it publicly.

Hi Dena4,

Devs agree with you that it doesn’t make sense that the raid costs are higher than the maximum costs and we have to think about solutions, for example, introducing maximum caps. We do however feel it is an interesting tactic that bigger armies have fewer energy costs for raids.

Maximum caps at least should support more than one raid Madlen.

So when we have for example 500 max energy, I would suggest to cap it at 250 max for both defender plus offender.

Then at least we can do some damage or in more known words, raid. And when research would make it possible to lower that cap, it would be a great solution.

To get a positive feedback feels wonderful, thumbs up for developers and you Madlen. ??

We had a situation where enemy was guarding tower (level 4) with 10-15 teammates at any given time and continually trapping our chance to all attack at once by spamming 1 attack at a time (great tactic worked beautifully for them) downside was every now and again we would have an opportunity to try and attack their tower and only 1 or 2 players max would make it out before they spam attacked again. The result was 2 vs 10-15 in a level 4 tower. Funny part was just to do one raid the energy cost was 3k+ energy meaning no attack was possible at all and they only needed to gain 1 skull to win battle. Even though I get the difference in troops and defense multiplier was really high seems strange that our players couldn’t even attack 1 time with full energy. Basically a guaranteed loss and nothing you can even do if your defense is amazing.

@Iceman7 The problem you are stating has been greatly regulated with higher skull boost when players are grouped up. The spam attack doesn’t work as well as before. It is very easy to get supreme victory now. If your forces were spread apart when trying to attack a tower then it’s your fault. While trying to take down a tower guarded by large number of people, u need to make sure that many people in your group are online. You then get the supreme victory against the spam attacker and attack their tower immediately.  Maybe they could introduce a small cooldown between subsequent attacks on a tile to further nerf spam attacks. The high energy costs for raids is perfectly valid when you are outnumbered. You can’t be a one man army my friend and expect to take down large number of enemies by yourself. For launching an attack on well guarded towers coordinate your attacks. So, I advise you to group yourself with people of similar timezones in your alliance.

I understand how to do it, and main part of the problem was timezones. But when you have 10-15 in the tile defending and 7 solo spam attackers that’s alot of time wasted. Our people couldn’t be online to wait for a supreme victory even if it was 10-30 minutes they were not online. At one point we did what you are saying and were able to get an advantage by attacking their spam players unfortunately we needed everyone online and ultimately that’s what makes this part of the game undesirable to many and frustrating to generals and leaders because you can’t control what players do or when they are online. 


( for active players ) Energy cost is too high for moving. it discourages playing conquest.

( for less active players )  your argument of time is valid.

very active players r usually top 100 alliances, which have lvl 7+ conquest buildings.


make tech upgrade of energy very cheap for lvl7+ conquest buildings.


side note:

Tech upgrade last conquest, very bad idea to put " defense troops +1" at the beginning of the tech tree.

if u r not aware it doubles the troops on defense, means all alliances couldn’t attack a tower without outnumbering the enemy 2x.

and please make conquest at least 6 days.


In each alliance are few (or maybe more) players which are very active. Maybe i.e. 10 players of each alliance should have more energy (+50% more).