Energy costs in 5-days Conquest

I think its a bit costly as movement is difficult.

I think the biggest factor is the fight costs…

So you have energy to get there and none to fight.

From a strategy point I get the combo but in practicality its wonky.

You want the restriction on movement so it limits 24/7 terrorists. lol… makes sense and gives time to respond.

I think the best thing would be to drop fight cost to zero or near zero this allows for more game play and when ppl join a fight they can fight and not wait 3-6 hrs and hope the battle not ended. right now its like going to a theme park and buying a ticket but its only good from tomorrow lol. 

Part of getting online and seeing whats happening is participation … moving a few tiles and that’s all is tedious at best.


Well, if you’re looking for a quick Supreme Victory, sure you don’t want to attack. But of course you can attack and still win. The attack will just take longer, that’s all.

Let’s say that it is just right.

I would like a big map…   The free time that does not suit anyone of your opponents is priceless.
Anyone would want enough time to get the minimum reward. :slightly_frowning_face: I get tired of the conquest soon


It is pretty good in open space but the cost to sneak across enemy territory is pretty high.    


It depend on the map and who you are fighting with, for example with the current map, we already have other alliance members in front our stronghold in day 1, something we never seen before.

The costs for research seem much better this time, imo.

While you are correct, this thread was talking about the move costs

Ooops. Movement costs seem fine. Once tower paths in place it has good pacing.

Movement costs were good in the last Conquest (#5) and are stil good now (#6).

Since the closest alliance got even closer this time (the map only has 26 rows) fighting started pretty quickly.

The only times energy is a problem is when attacking alone or moving inside the enemy territory, but that’s how it’s supposed to work.

I run out of energy faster when the energy is constant at high level  for a fight. -> less fights, less fun.

A possible solution is that you get a bit energy when you win the fight (or raid).

atm after finishing a fight i stand there sometzimes and wait for energie, no power to move … ?

Energy should be used to move… Food should be used to battle. Using all energy to get to a battle to find you cannot participate for 38 minutes [meanwhile full food]

Energy is good for the fights.  It help slow down over running.

I agree energy for all its very annoying. Move,wait (cooldown),move, wait… oh no more energy but full of foods cannot attack. Go in chat and said to my teammate sorry I cannot help you out of energy. 4 hours later come back in the game 100/750. 1 or 2 attack and out of energy. Go on chat and say to my teammate sorry I cannot move out of energy and so on… Conquest is so boring… Cannot add more stuff to do then wait? Fight monster,Boss or whatever. Hope one day Conquest will be more interesting

I think the majority have said in the feedback question ingame they want Conquest each 1 month because its boring

It has 2 modes… boring or stressful. Neither is fun.

Energy regeneration is about 45-48 per hour at base. After 4 hours you should have about 180-200 energy, not 100.

Just completed this last one.  Energy can be frustrating but I would say any fixes would likely be exploited.     Maybe like troops, you can get some energy from a tower as a limited resource.    Does not do much for attackers with this fix.  

Think in terms of how wars are fought.    If you have a team in enemy territory there are supplies that you can take with you but you also need resources to move the extra fuel and food. 
So the solution here is to have different tower types.  Some for offense and some for defense.   Players go to those towers for the supplies they need.   Not a great deal of enhancement but some sort of an edge and perhaps more strategy.