Energy Slow To Restore

Energy is really slow to regenerate. It would be cool if stopping by a tower sped the process up, by a factor of 1.5 or 2. When in a tower soldiers are protected and can rest, so heal better and faster. That should help out.

Sounds interesting, but maybe a more balanced value that would be reasonable for Flare is 1.25 times the energy :slight_smile:  

if energy can regenerate more faster will make Conquest more fun. I hate to do 1 or 2 fight wait like 8 hours for energy to regenerate to do again 2 or 3 fight. Boring. So if the energy can allow us to do at least 4 or 5 fight and the rest a little later can be more fun


reduce the number of energy necessary for a battle. Why not a equal of 50 energy/battle will make more sense than a average of 92,100,180,etc…

And negative value -10% when WT is under attack.

Maybe -20% when under attack on open field.

In order to make conquest more dynamic map should be smaller and WT should be possible to destroy more easily. 

How about being able to use some food from other parts of the game as well.    Silo is full over there.  


I think its not a good idea, after players will just buy constantly food with gems. It will just be more unbalanced…

There can be a limit to how much food used and how much energy can be bought in conquest per time frame.   


As long as you’re not playing like a lone wolf, each battle will cost you less than 50 energy (I mostly spend between 20 and 40 per battle).

It only costs 100-120 if you’re trying to fight 1vs3, 1vs6 or something like that. It should cost you tons of energy in those situations.


I like that energy regenerates at the current speed and that it can not be bought.

Less energy = less demanding on everyone’s lives. This is the way to go (or at least, one of the ways).