Enhancements not awarded for successful idland defence

The enhancements that show when you first successfully defend an island are NOT being awarded (only when you take an island from an enemy). I think this is a bug that needs fixing as it is clearly not what was advertised (and especially when the little icon and descriptor while you are fighting for it says otherwise).

We have missed two enhancements that I think we are entitled to - Alliance “Titan’s Inception”


i can confirm , we also didn’t receive any enhancement for the islands we defended successfully 'was the first time it get attacked and the enhancement was still available to take ’


We can confirm that this is an incorrect side effect of the War Enhancements rollout. We will fix it today.

Thanks - but disappointing none of us got them despite earning it :frowning:

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Any chance they could be rewarded retrospectively?
We made a strategy according to the enhancements both the ones we “got” and the ones we didn’t want opposing teams to get.

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any news? it wasn’t fixed for my alliance so far .