Enhancing the "Treasury" page for better alliance economics

"Newb Enablers" series

The repeated info on the Alliance Members screen & Treasury screen can be eliminated by making each of these critical dashboards unique & for different purposes. While the former gives the overall details of the members (as a preparation for war), the “Treasury” page could be an invaluable feature for maintaining the financial health of an alliance. Instead of the alliance founder passing the hat around everyday, this page should automatically inspire a visiting member to donate (without being asked). The below mockup identifies the mission-critical data points that alliance managers rely upon (currently calculated manually using Excel). Here’s a description of specific sections:

  • Average member share for activated Blessings —Total Gold required for a day’s Blessings ÷ Number of active alliance members. This number should galvanize members to upgrade their Alliance Hall of Uranus to the expected level. Currently, the Hall is the last priority (whereas Blessings are first priority). 
  • Today’s total donation due —Sum of daily donation limits of all members minus donations received thus far in the day. This helps senior members to intervene with lumpsum donations to maintain Blessings & prevent the fund level from precipitously falling. 
  • Private Message button —to quickly (& gently) remind individual members to donate, in case they forgot (happens to me all the time). 
  • Today’s donation —helps to identify those who have not contributed for the day. 
  • Today’s donation vs. Blessings utilization —Average member share for activated Blessings ÷ Daily donation limit of member. Again, this self-motivates members to level up their Alliance Hall & fairly earn their Blessings. No leeching. ?

Though this dashboard may look terribly cluttered with all these data points, this is how managers see consolidated info make decisions. 

Thanks. ☺️

_ Edit : A further refined presentation is found in the comments below, thanks to @Philstar._

would be nice to have ‘days since last donation’ rather than the tick that appears for the current day, sometimes it’s hard to keep track. 

Would be nice to have the stat - gold donations required per day to keep current blessings active’ 

And ‘total donation possible per day’ (if all members donated that day) 

Nice ideas

So much greed, so little space… ???

Your inputs have helped further simplify & refine my suggestion. The “Total Donation Possible Per Day” metric can be gleaned by multiplying the “Average Member Share for Current Blessings” metric by the number of members. Your remaining wishes are illustrated hereunder:

We’re going to need a dual monitor setup pretty soon!

@AriesRising Good work man. Continue to impress us. By the way you remind me in RR2 when I was in alliance call Blade Storm the leader and I using exel to write all info about donation of players. Total donation,donation per day,how they have donate after 1 week,etc… that allow us to kick the one who don’t have donated. Its sad its the player who must do the job of donation tracking. Game like RR2 in OR should have what you suggest. More a easy life for General/Founder