ENIGMA is Recruiting!

Hello guys!

ENIGMA is currently recruiting.



(Only 2 slots available now, but you would like to be a part of this Alliance when future spots open,

then post your IGN here so we can invite you the next time around).


Alliance Details:

  • Alliance level: 24
  • Rank: 187
  • Gold bonus: 30%

In the last war we won first place, and until now we still have 3 exclusive Elite Boosts!

(Doom Gate, Frenzy Frost Blaster, Surprise Mummy).



  • Minimum donation is 20K
  • 2500+ trophies
  • Donate daily
  • Contribute to the War Season


If you are interested in joining our team, please request to join in game

or tell me your In Game Name (IGN) here

and I will send you a request!