Enough badmouthing new update. Let's discuss the pros

We have been speaking a lot against the new update. How about good things with the new update?


  1. Improved chat - I really like it. It allows us to see who are online. Earlier it was a little tedious to see if someone was online. Now it is just a single tap away.
  2. Troop donations - I like it for the fact that it is linked with alliance tower. Stubborn players who were not upgrading their alliance tower earlier have more reasons to upgrade it.
  3. Improved communication - Because of the troop donations, the activity in the alliance has shot the roof. Players who wouldn’t chat, now chat which gives less headaches to leader and generals.
  4. Shorter upgrade time - Always welcome
  5. Player and alliance search - We have been waiting long for this. Nice to have it.
  6. Wave management - Flare you hit this one right on the spot. Thumbs up.


  1. Uber Chests - Lot of P2W into this game. The gap has widened between the whales and the fishes. The perk stats and the unique perks are really disturbing.
  2. Insta troops - No counter balance for this feature. If the defenses were weak already, now they are no match to the current offense. A king can run to the gate with his troops left behind and is still able to destroy the gate. Thanks to insta troops.


The game seems to be on Hyper Mode which takes the fun away. I always love the Normal mode. Normal mode gives more competition and fairness in the game.

Each update comes with a challenge to adjust to the new update.

So the moral of the story is: Keep upgrading all the time, that is the only countermeasure from a players side until the devs change the statistics.

Like reduced life/damage of insta troop like the ghost troops from the black magic spell.



For me, it is a really interesting update. I like the following:

  1. Finally the alliance tower has more uses. Thank you Flare - you have listened to my plea

  2. The alliance search was improved - good but it is still broken. Just search for “blade”, “blades”,  “bladest” and look at the different results. 

  3. The user search was improved to such an extent that I got 15 alliance invites in 30 minutes. (Do not yet know if this is good or bad)

  4. The Intra troops make the war a lot more interesting - awesome idea (and I hope it will be improved on going forward)

  5. Alliance matchmaking - It looks better, but let us wait for the end of the war. Most abuse of the old system happened on the last day.

  6. You give us a way to reduce upgrades - good, but please improve on it.

  7. The windows notifications are awesome!!!

There is one thing I really hate and I really hope Flare will not do that again. My game started to update 4 hours before the war and failed continually. I was only up an running 15 minutes after the start of the war (even though I gave this high priority). I really feel cheated!!!.  PLEASE GIVE ME A WEEK’S TIME TO GET THE NEW UPDATE RUNNING AND TIME TO GET TO KNOW THE NEW UPDATE BEFORE THE WAR!!! 

I think the update overall has been great, but the developers are living in cloud cuckoo land in thinking how the Skull Perks get used, it is a hated dynamic that reduces everyone’s stats, and now they’ve added more of it, while also making them even harder to find.  I can only imagine it’s stubbornness on their side that keeps it in place (even the COF Skull’s kind of make sense now, but they should be guaranteed instead of costing gems).

Yeah, the only feature that deserves real hate is more skull perks, the rest was fine for me, I liked it.

Hey, this is an attack and defense zone game.

What we see is an improvement in the offense, what about the defense? Insta troops give a huge advantage in the offense (not complaining, I like it). How to balance the defense? Of course maxed towers help, but how many can one do in a short time.  

Probably, something new for the next update…

Yeah, this might be a bit OP. Yesterday I beat a level 31 with my level 8 baby account (just unlocked toxic cloud and archer) by summoning insta-knights from my main account once. I don’t think this is a good thing, ones I upgrade my ally tower to the level where I can request Ogres, I’ll be unstoppable for lower levels :sunglasses:

i am verry happy with this update. almost exept this one. perk reduced for every forge last i see it was 1,2% after forge, it reduced to 1,0%. P2W already win their spell and troop inprovement. and i got shit twice opening friend uber item that was unlocked by spaming code. no better gear i get, just mealt it down. and i done with spaming chest code. Capture13.PNG.jpg

Nothing to do with this update, it’s because there is a limit in the upgrades. Past some point, the amount you get is reduced.


is it maximum about 30% ? or it was changed wit this update?

The 30% seems to be an extremly variable number. I got way higher than that on my canons before noticing a decrease on the bonus. 30% is probably an average.

That worth it? to up Archer Range? mine only are at 5.7% I prefer up damage at +200 but if the range make the Archer better maybe I can start forge that perk

Bladestorm saw the same, and it was before 2.2


oh… sorry, i just dont know about it  :rolleyes:. thanks for your answer :slight_smile: