Enough is enough. I quit.

Dear flares,

I have managed my ally Boost Busters since long now. Last conquest gave those 8 sleepless nights following which I decided to take a break and quitted from leadership temporarily. I stayed as a general, hoping that next conquest could be better. Unfortunately, its still the same. Those sleepless nights, with 24 x 7 online requirement for the leaders. I call it quits. Thanks, I need to get back to life. Sorry to Boost Busters, and I wish them the best. I love them!

Best wishes, Ash

It is about time to end this madness.

You’ve made the right decision.


All the best.  Sorry to see u go


A very common feeling amongst a lot of us here I am afraid to say.

This community seems to have far more empathy, for the frustrations voiced, than Flare seem to display unfortunately.

They are more interested in policing the code of conduct, for this forum, than for fixing the issues raised.

Someone like, someone not.

its just one of the events. No need to leave alliance.


btw we in vl have like 5-6 leaders for the conquest. We have main line for the event, but the small decisions are making by this leaders. Easy for all to play like this. No need much stress

No matter how much I like this game and come everyday
While the stress value is high and tired
While suffering and playing, favorable words will not come out.

First of all we need matching that is fair and suitable for playing.
“Matching that you want to try”
I think that a combination of alliances of the same environment is good if there is no person in a big alliance.

And we can not rigidly collaborate with the environment. In case

Anonymous alliances are good so that you can not use contacts on SNS.

In a fair and conquered mode, it is attractive and difficult to get tired as a game
Neither problem nor dissatisfaction comes up and the forum will settle down

It is recommended that the code of conduct be created with this.

Then point it out if you find problematic behavior.

Hello aslan,

Positive and negative feedback is always welcome :slight_smile:

However, I do understand that players are frustrated at the moment and I am trying my best to make your feedback heard with the game developers. Our players are very important to us. They are the backbone of the game.

Hello Ash,

we are sorry to see you go. I hope with the upcoming improvements you may want to give the game another chance in the future. For now, I wish you all the best.

Hi Madlen, 

Can you give us more info about the upcoming improvements that you are talking about?

Is there a chance that the ability to give free pro ticket is one of those or is this something that will never come back? In our alliance, some members does not find themselves good enough to play PL and so would like to give their tickets to other members.

In the meantime, enjoy !


Hi sellman,

I will talk about the changes once I can. :slight_smile:

Regarding PL - I have no information at the given moment, that the system will change in the future.

Thank you.

The coming changes are too late.  Damage is allready there. You can’t restore the damage this week gave to lot alliances.  Alliances who can show up in warmaps with the big 4  got a hammer in the face by getting eliminated and not getting no boosts.  Lot players are asking if it is worth spending money in this game of you are not member of the top 4.

The only thing is for sure : top will have all boosts and will have to spent much less gems in the coming pyro war.  Because the conquest boosts was one of the things ally 5~20 ranking had to give some résistance to them.


I’m sure lot players will think after this conquest it is still worth spending money in this game