Enough with the view of the dragons popping

Sequence of events:

  1. Launch spell while moving…
  2. ALL OF A SUDDEN, I get a DRAGON!..
  3. Player view changes, can’t control king going around a corner…
  4. No towers/enemies get hit by spell because my king didn’t move correctly, and spell is over.

Flare, I don’t need to see the dragon animation anymore. I get it, a dragon pops out of a mage. Let me get back to wrecking stuff full-time.




at least they shortened it and you can still press buttons during even if everything is slow for a brief time. My maim concern is king taking damage and unable to dodge but I think they made it so king doesn’t take damage during the animation.

I also find the view change annoying and would apreciate it if there was an option to turn that animation off. Be it a spell wasted, an ogre hitting the hero due to this and even gargoyles approaching the hero and when the view returns, they explode, I have seen it all.

Most irritating is we lose precious time. The sound of a dragon is enough, we don’t need the animation that is only disturbing and distracting.

They could also just pause the game to show the animation of the dragon rising up…

The waste of spells and scream is the biggest concern to me. As everything is frozen for the time being of animation, the same should apply to cooldown of launched spell as well. Irritating but still those dragons are really cool and powerful though :slight_smile:

I don’t think so there is a need for any animation. If a dragon pop up near the king or away from the king so be it. Let the game continue as it is.

It just throws you off balance for that few milliseconds and that would be enough to kill/defeat your king when playing stronger oppositions. 

For eg. You see 3-4 ogres coming at you, you make a plan to dodge them and suddenly you are put off balance by this animation. When the game takes you back  you have those precious milliseconds to adjust and take evasive action. 

Without the animations I was in control : after the animation, it depends on my reflexes. 

A serious thought should be given by Flare on this


A nice point raised, though.


I completely agree, though sometimes I like when the dragon forms, The morale continues to recharge, All spells and scream cool down continues to recharge :stuck_out_tongue:

The worst part is when you get a dragon and you are far away and you’re going to use sonic blast to hit a lighting tower or anything else for example in a corner and it messes up your view and you waste your sonic blast (it can determinate also the win or lose of a battle)…this irritates me a lot. It’s cool to see but not cool if you wanna fight seriously.

That’s why i’m thinking to this: (below the hero scream to put another icon that shows the actual dragofroster or dracomancer with the higher dragon power) so no more problems with changed views or other similar things =)


For me that don’t disturb me in a raid at all. Just look your Big Froster where the pink bar are and don’t use any spells at this time or scream.Maybe for player who use touch and go spells. For me I really love the Dragon animation and I don’t want Flaregames remove that. Its the only reason why Dragofroster or Dragomancer are cool. Without animation the War elite boost are useless. Maybe its the only reason why I continue to play this game. 

When Flaregame as release the new update 1.9.0 i think with this Dragon and all. Remove this and that make the most boring game like before

The solution its like Opelle show a icon under Hero icon with a pink bar. You know exactly when a Dragon is ready and prepare for the animation  

Nah, Dragon animation is coooool…

Imagine your fart taking shape of a dragon and blowing air over all units…Its like a dream come true!

It’s a matter of programing. No problem of displaying the dragon animation in the background, while you still control the king.

If 2-3 dragons are created during a raid, you lose at least 2-3 seconds. Sometimes it’s crucial.

There are cases, where the king’s health is critical and he needs to move fast, away from the danger. If the dragon appears at that moment, the king may die.

not sure about this. I must check on the next raid. I never lost HP during a dragon animation during this time you are invincible and for the second not sure too. I think you don’t lose anything

After check and summon a Fire Dragon you lose just 1 second and the dragon gain you like 10 seconds or more. You can be in middle of 3 snake tower you don’t lose anything during dragon animation

Think on again, time goes on, just watch the counter on the screen. Sometimes the screen turns into some slow motion video due to this and you don’t have a lot of control over the hero during that time, he is at least not moving to the direction where we want to go. Most annoying is that the just activated lasting spell is wasted sometimes completely by this animation. King is indeed invincible at that moment and doesn’t get any damage. But when the view returns he definitely is and the incoming swarm of gargoyles will whipe out a large part of your army because your lasting spell is gone.

Nice when you are just close to a few towers like firebolts that aren’t destroyed and standing between boosted ogres hammering on your troops, while you are accompanied by non ranged troops like knights. Sure… the dragon will destroy that tower for you, but the point is that it would have been destroyed already by the spell and one blow of the dragon is wasted. oPelle made a nice suggestion, no need for that dragon animation.

Remove this animation its not a good idea. Remove this and you kill the fun in this game. The Dragon Animation its the only thing that make me continue play this. Remove that and I stop to play it directly.When Flaregames add Ice and Fire Dragon War Boost into the game. My fun have started without that its just a normal tower game without flavor. When you win the Dragomancer or Dragofroster War Boost its like : ‘‘Yeah summon Dragon’’

Flaregames have just to add a icon indicator to show where the bar is like Opelle suggest. You gonna know when its pop out and don’t waste your spell

One thing miss in this game to have more flavor its not less animation but more animation. Something miss to have more fun. Not enough special effect in this game

I never see a developer remove animation because some people complain about that. C’mon Flaregames gonna not kill its own game and lost so much people or lose chance to attract more kid or player to play this

One thing that gonna attract more people in this game its more effect,more animation,perhaps more music,etc… the game need to be alive not dead

if you don’t want this animation why not put in this case a option everybody can put ON/OFF in the option. ON : You want pop out Dragon animation and OFF : You don’t want to watch Dragon animation. Normally in a game you suppose to have this feature. Allow player to ON/OFF special effect. That allow keep player enjoy animation and that allow enjoy player who don’t want the animation

that solve the problem

Maybe you are correct, the animation itself isn’t causing the problem. Problem is that king is not under control and running in unexpected directions, with a chance of wasting lasting spells just activated. If there was a way to detect a dragon almost ready, like oPelle suggested, I could blame myself, since I could have known that a dragon pops up soon.

Now, the drago mancer/froster transforming into a dragon is often out of sight, so we have not a clue when a dragon arrives. This leads to spells wasted and other situations that cost precious time. My touch and run technique definitely is sometimes interupted due to this and that’s annoying when towers plus defending troops that should be gone are surviving just due to this. It’s not a huge problem if it’s non lightning or firebolt tower that survives, my knights will take it down fast. But otherwhise I need to leave it to my ranged troops and that could be a problem, staying 14 seconds there to let sonic blast recharge is no option.  

Yes that the problem not the animation. Pyromancer are so slow and are behind and you don’t see when the big one its ready. A icon indicator or a way to know when its ready can resolve a lot of thing.

Thanks for making this suggestion. The Flare as I know it, will now remove the animation asap, the game isn’t supposed to be fun, it is supposed to bring them lot’s of money :slight_smile: And I highly doubt many players will quit because the lack of animation lol, Flare has tried many times with way worse things to kill it’s own game, but it has never succeeded :slight_smile:


But to be fair, just because Flare can’t implement a well functioning dragon pop, that has no effect on other gameplay, we would have a indicator on when we shouldn’t use our spells because otherwise they will go to waste? Please… Then it would be better to pause the game completely during the dragon pop animation and continue after it arrived.

For fuck sake, fix this freaking animation its affect on gameplay… Seriously, raids are lost thanks to the waste of a single spell due to the dragon pop…