Environment effects?

It’s be cool if the environment had pros and cons effective in raids. For example, Rocky Crags: Constantly damages everything. Winterland: Slightly slows everything. Merry Christmas: Greater slow effect, but the player gets 4 possible prizes in the Treasure Chamber! Or something to that effect. Space: All living units suffocate (allowing for only machines, mummies, and possibly wizards?). However, there can be no overlap. Since there’s space instead of grass, the king would be able to jump right over it, and thus, the entire path /should/ be made full-Melee. Dusty Dessert: Same as space, except Machine units not allowed, because they can’t navigate the sand. Zen Garden: Has ninjas which kill any monsters, including mummies. Thoughts?

Rocky Crags is going to be so freaking op because it makes the king not able to regenerate. 

Space and Dusty Dessert make the attacker can’t use certain units? If the player didn’t pay attention to the landscape and entered, he is in big trouble. 

Zen Garden can be weird if the attacker has elite mummy… 100 knights crushing the gate… 

Balancing greater slow effect on christmas theme with additional rewards from chamber of fortune won’t work. If nobody can beat a base anymore, there’s no chamber of fortunes. Everyone would instantly buy and switch to christmas theme. 


Besides, I think some of those mentioned effects would be too OP and extreme IMHO… 



Moreover, such effects will be hard or impossible to balance (balancing the game is hard enough now with just 1 kind of stats (the default ones)…). 


Though, generally I like the idea of giving environments different effects. 

Winterland sounds like a good idea it gives a slight advantage to having this landscape, but… the others seem a little Extreme, making it a little unbalanced. But I really like the ideas they should definitely add this in the future…


But I think they should allow us to have the landscape that is used in the dungeon, that would be amazing!

I don’t mind adapting underground, haha. Not much sun light but that shouldn’t be a problem