Epic Active Alliance 'La Elite.'

Short Description:

Being a member of La lite.isn’t just about playing a game on a phone to kill some time. It’s about being a part of a team that respects one another on a fundamental level. We don’t compete just to score points for ourselves or just to get another uber. We do it because we want to see the team win.For the success of the team, we devote to this cause 100% of our effort!

We also understand that members have real lives outside this game and we have a pass system for events- simply advise a general in advance that you won’t be able to participate in an event or if you will be inactive.Communication is a must! Respect is a two-way street.

You can also be promoted! Behaviour: loyal/have game knowledge/strategical thinking specially in conquest + follow rules


Alliance Small Details:

Name: La Elite.

Emblem: Unicorn

Level: lvl 44

Rank: 522(varies)

A Headquarters Lvl: 5

Language: Russian/English/French/Spanish        This Post is Regularly Maintained!!

Type: open [depends]

Gold Bonus: +29%

Tax Bonus: +19%

fieldoms: 34(varies)


Most of the elite boosts will be activated mostly before alliance wars to strengthen your base…

Main Boosts We Can Provide are: Tough Barricades, Frost Trap & Storm Canons…

Other Possible Boosts depending on alliance gold are: 





But of course we also get the event boosts: clan wars or pro-league…

Current Active Boosts: 



We promise you as gifts!

1.You will get awesome high level beast as defense to protect and strengthen your base!


THE CELESTIAL PHOEBE(6donations left)

Here are a list of available beasts with their current level:


1.Savage Tammy (level 3)

2.Twisted Archimedes (level 3)

3.Voracious Eldrak (level 1)

4.Primal Howl (level 3)

5.Primal Growl (level 3)

6.Vicious Bucky (level 3)

7.Untamed Kaiser (level 2)

8.Awaken Aki (unlocking soon after 3 donations)

9.Celestial Phoebes (unlocking soon after 6 donations)

2.Awesome chests with nice contents after winning the events!

Why not all the elite boosts activated or boosts prolonged?

We are saving alliance gold to lvl up and upgrade alliance headquarters!

Requirements to join:

Hero Level: 60-130

Trophies: 1500-unlimited

Minimum Donations: 100k

Rules- They are a must!

Donate Daily

Be Active

Participate In All Activities

Send Resources to Stronghold everytime it is ready

WARNING: If one has low donations, is offline for a week & if specially don’t follow the rules will be kicked!!!

Alliance Wars History


Armageddon Assault


Boost: Dracomancer


1.Strogg the 1st -leader

2.Ivana  NS -sergeant

3.Deki Zemun - sergeant

4.Yasurda- sergeant

5.Graff Stro- General

6.Stalker :grinning:  - Soldier

7.Kanekin 1 - Soldier

8.King trong nguyen - Soldier

9.Maykee - General

10.higuita 1565 - Soldier



Here are some Screenshots:(monthly updated)




Our Slots are always full of active players and 1-5 inactive!


Because full slots player make an alliance more attractive!

Solution:(what you must do if you want to join?)

If you are interested,leave a comment below or see more details section below alliance motto!



" We Build,We Fight,We Win! Join Us For Fun!! "

Remember that the most important thing is to have fun!!!

See you there… :wink:   

For More Details:

Contact me(Dark_Eagle) or Our Leader Strogg [you can also us send a friendship request]

My Username: Dark__Eagle (for languages like french/english/spanish)

Our Leader’s Username: Strogg the 1st  (for languages like english/russian/spanish)

Other Options: Mail me on darkeagleprivate@gmail.com [this is a gaming account][don’t abuse]             

What to do if you want to join?

Our slots are always full of active players  so leave a message here or contact in game!

Recruitment For conquest!

Conquest starting soon…feel free to join us…

novice explorers tier

We use this as a blog for our alliance…It is regularly updated and latest news in the comments!