Epic Alliance With  Mega Boosts & Celestial Phoebe


Being a member of La Elite. isn’t just about playing a game on a phone to kill some time. It’s about being a part of a team that respects one another on a fundamental level. We don’t compete just to score points for ourselves or just to get another uber. We do it because we want to see the team win. For the success of the team, we devote to this cause 100% of our effort!

We also understand that members have real lives outside this game and we have a pass system for events- simply advise a general in advance that you won’t be able to participate in an event or if you will be inactive. Communication is a must! Respect is a two-way street.

WARNING: ** If he/she is inactive for a week and do not follow the rules then he/she is more likely to be kicked!**


Name: ** La Elite**

Level: ** lvl 44**

Rank: ** 546**

Gold Bonus: ** +29%**

Tax Bonus: ** +12%**

Fieldoms: ** 31  **

Language: ** Russian/English/French/Spanish    **   


Boosts & Gifts

We are currently saving gold for alliance headquarters upgrades to prepare us for the conquests!

Mostly boosts will be activated mostly before alliance wars. You can always enjoy the boosts we get from events(pro-league, conquest, alliance wars)


Permanent Boosts:

-** Storm Canon**


Other Boosts We can give depending on gold:

-** Tough Barricade**

-** Frost Trap**

-** Stunning Ogre**

-** Raging Wolf**

-** Power Archer**

-** Holy Paladin**



Current Active Boosts:

-** Storm Canon(permanent) **

-Unholy Paladin(proleague) 

-Tainted Love(proleague)







1.awesome high level beast as defense to protect and strengthen your base!

2.Chests with nice contents after winning events

Unlocked Beasts**  **

-Savage Tammy level 3

-Twisted Archimedes level 4

-Voracious Eldrak level 1

-Primal Howl level 4

-Primal Growl level 3

-Vicious Bucky level 3

-Untamed Kaiser level 3

-Celestial Phoebe level 1

-Awaken Aki level 1

Requirements to join:

Hero Level:**  60-130**

Trophies: ** 1500-unlimited**

Minimum Donations:**  250k**



Donate Daily

Send maximum Resources for conquests

Be Active

Participate In Conquests & Alliance Wars(other events not required)


Here are some Screenshots:(monthly updated)



" We Build,We Fight,We Win! Join Us For Fun!! "

For More Details:

Contact me(Dark_Eagle) or Our Leader Strogg [you can also us send a friendship request]

My Username: Dark__Eagle (for languages like french/english/spanish)

Our Leader’s Username: Strogg the 1st  (for languages like english/russian)

Other Options: Mail me on darkeagleprivate@gmail.com [this is a gaming account][don’t abuse]     



See You There :slight_smile:






 Join Us For Conquest!!

See More Details Section To Know How To Join…

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If you want veteran scouts rewards,then join this alliance!!

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