Epic chest cost

Hello, what’s supposed to determine epic chest cost? My ascension lvl, my trophy count? I thought it was the second, but I’m purposely dropping trophies and the cost remains the same. Thanks in advance.

Ascension level. They did it so people couldn’t get cheap chests by purposefully dropping torches

Which begs the question, why are you purposefully dropping torches?

But then again I’ve just leveled 1 ascension and the cost remained the same. It goes up in certain intervals?

I’ve build a too strong defense and got too many trophies (and gems) in the process. While this allowed me to get lots of gold, at the same time I’m near to players 20-40 levels higher than me, so my islands are getting very easily raided by overpower atackers. As I can’t get ambrosia islands, even intentionally dropping trophies is hard. I lose let’s say 200-300 trophies and win them again overnight lol. Seriously considering purposely weakening or even disabling temporarily my defense so I can lower my trophies and keep good islands for a longer time.

Leveling up your heroes will help a lot. And defense fleets are cheap

But to level them up I need ambrosia and/or wisdom, which I can’t get cause my heroes won’t stay 30 minutes in the good islands. I check the battle log and there it is, players 20+ levels beyond me taking them. But how would this benefit me, a higher lvl hero on the island makes it harder to raid? Never used defense fleets, it’s really worth it? I’ll try to use in some of the best islands. For gems I’m prioritizing buying a ton of celestial boost first (almost done) and then prestige decorations.

It’s based on the highest amount of trophies you reached.

Even if you drop them, if you reached a defined trophies range, the cost of your epic chests will remain the same in any case.

I suspected that, thanks! The defense fleets are proving very useful tho. I mean, 10 gems for 18 hours seemed too much, but the additional 5 gems for +12 hours makes it more reasonable.

Yeah defense fleets work. Put a few guys on ambrosia islands and protect them.