Epic Fails - How much were you robbed..eh I mean lose?

As they say, misery loves company so decided to start this thread. (First time ever  :angry:


I probably would not mind as much but now have several pieces of uber gear without extra skill because it seems the skills with the highest percentage of winning are useless such as toxic cloud.  So spend to get uber gear, spend more to get rid of useless skill, get same useless skill again, spend to get rid of it again…  Even extra skill the rolls get more and more expensive.  This is just wrong by flare, if you pay for skill change (100 gems) you should get it immediately not have to spend days and obviously 100s of gems just to get any skill back.  Wish I took screen shots, but sadly did not. 


Anyway, please post the horrendous way in which you are being robbed…I mean, losing gems and pearls to blacksmith and getting such a negative return on investment.  Oh yeah post your horror stories on fb too.  :slight_smile:

Before the update I had more han 2400 pearls, now I just have more than 1300. Oh, and in most of my uber items I got horrible troop perks, they’re completely useless  :slight_smile:

Lost almost 3k pearls in first day with Blacksmith  :ph34r:

and still don’t have the bonus I want, but I’m not gonna try to get a new bonus because I removed 2 perks and got same bonus again

I wont use blacksmith until FG changes this insane method. I suggest u players to do the same or u will be out of gems and pearls.

my first uber sword, I got only froster damage increased, I cry every tim(time) :’(

Posted Today, 08:11 PM

Blacksmith & “Real” Cost Using services to melt down items:   


  Coins bought with Gems Shop 29/11/2015                                                                 Each item returns 2 Pearls

#Gems   Coins          1 Gem=C

  949   $2,617,440       $2,758.1                                       1Gem = 0.2 Pearls      


                              SellPriceItemCoin     Gem Equiv     Pearl Equiv    Melt Fee    Gem Equiv    Pearl Equiv     TotCostinPearls

 Light Iron Boots              $85,657               31.06              6.212           $42,829     15.53            3.106                  9.318  

Embellished FortunBelt  $100,689               36.51              7.302           $50,345     18.25             3.65                10.952

MightyFortune Belt         $109,674               39.76               7.952          $54,674      19.82           3.964               11.916


Perhaps not the Anti-Christ, but new ‘services’ devalue what you have in inventory!!  I chose 3 items, & translated their ‘sell-back’ price [in gold Coins$] into ‘Pearls’ [using Shop value of Gems & coins those Gems will purchase Plus the given 1 Gem =0.2Pearls].  So, for an item equivalent to about 6 or 7 Pearls, you only get 2 Pearls BEFORE you pay the Melt Fee to the Blacksmith, and that fee is equivalent to 3.1 to 3.9 Pearls, for the above items.  

And, of course, to start with, the buying cost of each item was 10 x $gold coin sell price to get into inventory!

Not only have you lost hugely in value, what is the use of the these Pearls, now that they cannot be used for some Spells?

Have I got the Maths wrong, or has Flare?



It was a good coincidence. Lucky me… Zero damage.

All workers were busy, so didn’t have a spare worker to build this rip off plumber hut yet.

As said before… Don t spend gems

Make yourselves no illusions… Flare will evaluate, not by the number of complaints here, but by the extra cash revenue caused by smithie

So if 100 users complain here, but overall all users generate 10 procent extra ‘real money’ income (by buying gems for pearls and changing perks)… Flare will evaluate smithie as positive

If less cash is generated, then they will change smithie : for example if you pay 100 gems you can choose your perk (then people will start spending…)

But as said, if lots of people spend money now… Nothing will change… So we need users not spending money for 2 months…

True so true 

Failed for the 5th and  last time .Good luck Flare with your new toy bullshit.I don’t understand why cant you guys say look IDIOTS this price for this increase power on your items costs 10 pearls first time 40 second time 200+ 3rd time? Are you afraid people wont pay the price ? Of course not or maybe .But pissing around with this new future and pissing off people are most luckily for those WHICH has the power to do so ,not to do it anymore. Because as we all know once people start having to much power on their ITEMS,which will generate free raids YOU GUYS will Nerf everything until pay/win will be back to normal.

    So even If everything will be as it said in advertising(by the way the FAILED part was not included),that will go against the players anyway .Same thing happened already with Knights when they were to much boosted and so on.  

  I rather sell the items open my base and gave the gold to those in need. Guys have fun with those so called UPGRADES. You will probably enjoy them after a huge cost but not much longer after that your items will go to the bin simple because as I said people wont pay gems for a successful raid.Do Flare wants that? Of course not.So they don’t mind now that few players will get that power but when 70% or more reach that point things will get shifted over night…Business as usual.

    I’m better off with what I have. and from this moment I wont spend 1 single gem even If I get them through the tournaments.


PS Many thanks DA Bronx for this topic .I was going to do it myself but I was to busy.But today morning instead of having my tea in peace while enjoying a bit this game …well Flare got me fuming .THANK FLARE FOR PISSING ME OFF ON SUNDAY MORNING. I’ll stop here or I may get banned if I release right now what I feel about this developing team.

Just success forge uber mask +6 this morning with first try

paying 69 pearl just to get extra +4 on sjhield???

Risking big failure and paying another 69 pearl just to get +4 shield???

hillarious !!!

you’re the one that pushes the button (to let the wheel spin) Wilto  …  :slight_smile:

Boycott the Blacksmith!  Currently between Alliances, I am surviving [only just] without sending real money to Flare - but I keep being attacked by jumped-up low level players, all tricked out with the elite boosts funded by Alliances with deep pockets.  After 1 year, RR2 has degenerated from fun to play to simply pay to win.

Yeah , but wont forge it to get higher level of gear anymore

I didnt even know that i have been forge upgrading for 4 shield extra point per level

That’s why I wrote down this thread: http://forums.flaregames.com/topic/7465-fg-think-for-a-while/

We have to join forces, do something now or this will get even worse. If we dont act, FG will keep pissing on us

A day at the blacksmith,


  1.  25 pearl upgrade, 1 fail, then success (level before addition trait)

2)  31 pearl upgrade, 2 fails, third success…food, not for me personally

3)  38 pearl upgrade, 4 fails…5th success…life drain…WTF?

4)  44 pearl upgrade, 3 fails…

5)  63 pearl upgrade, feeling lucky figure odds on my, side…success first roll,mortar

6)  No more pearls, cannot smelt any items because building is close for smelting only due to upgrade.


12 fails, 4 success, 3 skills, zero of use to me.


I live in NYC and a union plumber is cheaper that this guy. :wink: