Epic / Legendary chest every ~4h - what determine the type of chest?

Low level players get free Epic chests for video, but nobody can tell what determine switch to Legendary


ah ok the information is incomplete

for Legendary you need to be level 61

for the rare and epic. For the epic I can if needed reactivated my second account I stop at level 45 to see what I get

for the Rare chest if needed I can recreate a game on my ipad.

or if some player here below level 60 can check what they got can help to write the info in the wiki


Actually I am level 4 and I don’t have access to free video. Rare are later I guess.

Ok level 5 unlock Rare Chest

Answer is: Legendary from level 61

So is there any chance to get Uber chest?? Just for curiosity…

Nopes it’s only Legendary Chests for Videos for High Lvl Players…

level 14 and I still have the rare chest

i’m just going randomly… what about lvl 31 needed to get epic chest? for example starting from lvl 1 rare chest, lvl 31 epic, lvl 61 legendary

give me just few days and I can give you a precise answer for the epic. I am level 17

You can add in wiki Rare start at level 5  


You can complete you wiki now :slight_smile:

Rare : Level 5

Epic : Level 21

Legendary : Level 61

thx for your patience on doing this =)

Funny, if we had any kind of Flare presence on this forum this info and more would be given out easily.

Opelle Given all you do to maintain the wiki I am just amazed they don’t support your efforts more?