equal Points in Conquest


It is now the second time we noticed that in points tie there are only two worse places.

That means two times 1st place will be twice 2nd place … two times 2nd place will be twice 3rd place … and two times 3rd place get nothing -> 4th

This is very annoying because you get bad rewards and all players are frustrated in two alliances. :slightly_frowning_face:

Especially if you have a lot of points and rises in the league, I do not understand why not the better place can be scored. :huh:



Maybe there will be some deal after like « let’s be 1st together by having equal point and not fight each other ». 

Imagine in the top tier all 4 alliances make only 250 pts, not more not less. They all will get all 3 boosts without fighting haha

Just an example ?

best regards 

i/we spend a lot of diamonds in the end … and i’m sure the second alliance too … and then we lost both

… no good way for the next conquest … no way to motivate player to play at the next conquest…

maybe 350-500 Points in top tiers and this is much work too and fighting  @Magimagic

i only wan’t to say atm its annoying and no good solution