Equipment for pals and guards

Hi Flare staffs, some members in our alliance come up with the idea that if you can add equipment system for pals and guards. So we can strengthen our pals and guards along with our kings or queens at the same time

Maybe you don’t have notice this :

each topic are classed by Madlen in 3 category : implemented Ideas, Interested ideas and Non-feasible Ideas. Take time to read them all before create new topic. All you topic you create are already created. So no point to create doublon,triplon and so on… All your idea was already posted in the past. Thank you

I hope you are joking!

Pal and especially gardians are already OP, i dislike this idea.

I am pretty sure this idea are in Non Feasible Idea already

Yeah,I’m with you too. But one of our members asked me to post it here anyway. I asked him twice and I have no other choices.