Equipments and pets

I was wondering why RR2 creators doesn’t allow us to view other people equipments to see if they are strong or not plus why they don’t make a market for other players to bend their items for sale  . Why don’t we have pets like dogs , eagle etc. … for our kings and queens like torch light game it is pretty fun  

Why flare can’t just add " confirmation" for spending cash so none make mistake spending them ? I

1- If they make a market for players to sell their gears, suddenly Granny would be even more useless and some would stop spending money on gear matters

2- I don’t know, maybe they could implement this in the future

3- We have no idea, but they should, this has been suggested a lot

The Pet Idea is actually good… but Flare give us too many things on ofense that we need something on defense first.

Could be different kind of pets with different abilities…

Flare needs to pay attention of this kind of suggestions.

(Nijas are like pets)


Ninja system are really sucks plus we need permanent pet and ninja not a pet they are troops just like the rest 

What kind of defense you need flare to give you ?

Flare needs to boost our defense because all the upgrades came with ofense addings (ninjas/insta troops). Now raiding top bases isnt a challenge.

So i like Flare implement the pet idea but it has to come with some defense boost like longer path bases and the guardian (ideas from another posts).