Equipped powers for Unique/Rare items


I’m not sure how everyone else feels about this, but upon challenging several players I noticed that although they have unique items (color of tunic), they actually aren’t equipped on the hero. I think there has to be something MORE than just an item looking pretty or different. If it’s unique ‘GREAT’, but I think it also has to be purposeful. 

I think this is one item that you should be able to alter or equip the item with whatever element setup you require. For instance I have upgraded Ariadne’s boots and it is 7000 points higher than the fire item, but the element the boots are equipped with are useless for the setup I require


I’d be interested to hear what others think



If you are talking about Dress(Tunic) Persues have three different designs of dresses and you can change there color … 

And If you are talking about the blue mirror Shield Yes that’s unique item… 

The next point went over my head if that boots are usless for you then find a new pair of shoes and forge them up simple.


Thanks for the response. I think maybe the way I wrote it is a little confusing,

i understand that there is different designs in tunic (dress), and if I don’t like the shoes I certainly can get new ones.

I’m talking about UNIQUE items ONLY

I have challenged players that have Perseus, and he is wearing the light blue and green tunic (dress) that you ONLY GET WITH UNIQUE ITEM, but the hero is NOT equipped with either the shield OR the boots.

They obviously don’t use the shield or the boots for a reason … maybe it’s weak, or they don’t want to spend the money to upgrade, OR THE POINT IM TRYING TO MAKE, is the power associated with item is of no use in battle or to the setup of the hero ie. Petrify, Stun, Deflect etc…


Does that make any sense



@Papadiouf, essentially you are arguing for making unique items good enough to be worth using, correct? In place of them simply being a tool to unlock new colors? In which case I certainly agree and would like that to happen + have a way to change useless duplicates we have into something new. Hell, I am even fine with there simply being a hard cap on getting duplicates.My teammate has 3!!! Perseus!!! Sandals!!! The frustration he has I cannot even imagine nor convey.

I wish that all unique color sets that are unlocked when a new unique item is found should be made default because I am sure so far there is not a single player in Olympus rising that has all unique items found in game.So why not make these new colorsets default so that everyone should not be bothered with unlocking new colorsets with unique items that I am doing.Last week I found Achilles unique armor which is really cool but the cost of improving a unique item is insane(first you need a five star titan item for that and then you need to wait seven days and 1000k gold to do that per level.)my Suggestion please introduce a system that should automatically scale up unique items to players ascension level.Suppose a players finds a Peruses unique shield at ascension level 32 I am sure that item will become completely useless after 40 ascension level So why not let it scale up according players ascension level.Also most the unique items are weak as compared to my cursed or titan equipments(just my opinion).

Forging unique items is not such a crazy expense when you get to be higher level. Just be patient.