Erecting Statues/Decorations

I was curious how/what these statues do? Do they simply increase my Ascension? Do they give me a defensive bonus or morale boost to defending troops? It specifically mentions prestige but this is not a measurable thing in the game right now. Please explain. 

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The thread where the developer replied


TL;DR - Yes for now it only provides you with the ascension points when you build them but the developers are hinting that it will be useful in the next update.

Hey guys, one quick thing:

At the moment, upgrading or building a decoration does not give you any Worshippers towards your Ascension Level, they are only for decoration. However, as Pete said, they will soon make much more sense.  :grinning:


When the update comes and erecting/updating decorations has an effect, will we get credit for everything we already erected/updated before the update? I want to know, so I know whether I should wait to erect or update any more decorations. I hope so…it would be unfair otherwise

Don’t worry. You will benefit from all decorations you have built before the update. You will not lose anything by buying/upgrading them now.

they will increase the level of the Ascension?

No they do NOT increase amount of worshippers…which is kind of nice once your pretty far along.