Eris price reduced - Unfair for players who bought at 20k crystals?

Instead of buffing Eris, its price got reduced from 20k crystals to 15k crystals. Hmmm… how is this fair to players who bought it already?

It probably isn’t but with that kind of thinking there should never be any kinds of discounts anywhere because someone bought something outside of sale and it’s unfair for him. When you get pro items in pro chests it’s probably likewise unfair to those who have purchased the items in the shop, if you smell what I’m cooking. :grinning:

Fairness is based on hard values. This game has no ‘hard’ values on which you the player can fall back upon.

Aka the game is ‘as-is’. So again you ‘the player’ have no claim on values set by FG whatsoever.

SO if you buy a car in October and then there’s a Veteran’s Day sale, it’s not fair to you?