error in the war map

can not attack in a feud against VL, the game says you have less than 5 players /alliance the lions den 2

Hope you guys can get a very good compensation for that!

@adilsontte4 thanks for bringing this up, we apologise for the inconvenience and will make sure to investigate this further. Could you please also contact Customer support about this?

archimedes, already sent the ticket but got no answer

we will not have loser bonuses in this feud, and may cost the war

google tradutor

hello, with us the same problem and the same mistake

Now the bonus is wrong 5.8% in the reservoir and 5.5% in war


There is not any bug in this case. Simply, when your war against Apocalypse started, you had 5.5% of skull bonus. After that, other wars have ended and the total skull bonus for all the alliances have changed - in your case to 5.8%. It was was after the war with Apocalypse has started. The skull bonus cannot change mid ongoing war. Only the skull bonus that was there when war has been declared counts.

thanks for the explanation