Error in war results

My alliance is called Omnipotent and we just received notification that we lost several battles to ItalianLegend. This was virtually impossible based on how far we were ahead in points with very little time remaining. Please look into this as something is very wrong. Thanks. 


Could you please contact the support with your ingame name, name of your alliance and screenshots of your mailbox containing the messages about the war?

I’m Orfeous of ItalianLegend. To be fair, I can confirm that the guys in Omnipotent had won for sure one Battle against us and were going to win by far other two battles, when they were kicked out of the war. They were obviously stronger than the other Alliances in this war. Bye

I think same thing that happen to ruscorp during our war.


We will look into it very soon, sorry for the troubles.

Thanks for your support Orfeous. Very very frustrating for our whole alliance.

Want to give omnipotent back to me? ?