ERROR: No Color Distinction Between Attacking and Defending Werewolves

I didn’t really notice it until the Blessed Beasts war season. 

But there’s no distinguishing colors like red vs. blue in the attacking and defending werewolves and it’s really confusing to look at especially when there’s a big mess of wolves on screen.

Also there’s no distingusihing colors between the attacking and defending Blessings again annoying and confusing.

Hey Maerique - There is a distinguishing color - the HEALTH BAR. The same is true for mummies and gargoyles (although not for ogres - his underpants change color).


Yes, and that’s an error.

Or a screw up to soften it up.

It’s not an error, or a screw up - since no other dungeon units wear underpants, no other units can be told apart through their looks. It’s that simple. To quote my favorite (as well as least favorite) reply from the Sega support team: “I believe that this is by design from the development team.” That’s all there is to it.


EDIT: BTW the entire conversation went something like this:


Me: Why does the level maximum exist?

Support: I believe that this is by design from the development team.

Me: Does it add anything to the game that I’m missing?

Support: I don’t believe it does.

Me: Then why does it exist?

Support: It’s by design.

Me: …


Needless to say, I was not impressed… but I am sure that I will never forget this encounter! 

But you are missing something, Maerique - the game has been like this for well over a year. So far it has not been that big of an issue, so why would they change it now?


Still wrong even if it took a year to notice it.

Maybe a wrong not in the budget to fix.  (I get that.)