Error? Or Easter Egg foreshadowing Something to come...


Or Easter Egg foreshadowing something to come…

(2 Workers hammering away, and 1 Chicken)

I’ve got the same thing happening on the Halloween map in the same area. I’ve seen a few others on the forum with this happening as well.  Got a laugh out of it when I first noticed it

It started at 3.9 correct?


Same thing happening here. I envision an expansion of the kingdom

Oh! I just figured out what it is!!! They are forging the statue of Opelle! They finally took the idea :lol: 

a place where nobody would notice then…#feelsbadman

My leader found few minutes ago the third worker (you can see the shadow between the big rock and the plateau).

Maybe a mini base just like clash of clans

There are only 2 , take the Desert and u will see ?

Hopefully building new server for RR3

Maybe they are digging a way out?

Yeah I actually think they’re preparing a way out of the kingdom

Could it be a cave for mining a new type of resource? That would be exciting. Perhaps Pro-Crystals

To hell? Or to meet the Dungeon Keeper? ?

Could path a way into the future era, with strip club and bars to replace granny…

Level 1: 1000 gems   ProCrystal Production per Hour: 1

Level 2: 5000 / 2

and so on…

and surprise! To celebrate the R&D of the procrystal mine you received a ‘special’ gem offer! :slight_smile:

In my store, I found that Olympus Rising has “augmented reality”, so I hope that Flaregames will add it also in “Royal Revolt 2”.

Problem is that FG likes to take their sweet time. I also play Boom Beach recreationally (about 10 min per day), they made an announcement on Monday, March 26 about changes coming and was started 4 days later. My daughter plays Dragon mania legends, changes or events upcoming start less than a week later.  It is now 3 weeks since this was discovered/announced and still NOTHING. It’s no wonder people are pissed at FG. This is extremely horrible game management! Flare needs to fix this (and much else) or RR2 will be a dead game in less than a year.

Give us a little hint at what this is, don’t just stay completely silent