Hello I am not sure if I write this in the appropriate part of the forum, but if you do not, I apologize in advance.

Namely. When event started, the clock counting down the time of the end of the upgrade to next lvl, stopped. The clock is standing a few hours without moving. What to do?


I apologize for incorrect spelling.

You are right . I have also faced this problem once when I was upgrading my Blizzard . It’s a very bad bug and this causes much pain ??. 

Flare must fix it . 

Hi @lisowskixyz  ,

Sorry for experiencing this issue. We’re looking into it :grinning:

Could you please tell us again if the upgrade hasn’t finished after 13 hours from now on?

This is a old visual bug (at least a year) that we get when an upgrade is started before an building event (regular upgrade duration) and then the event starts. The maximum duration displayed in the update progression is clamped to the maximum upgrade duration (1 day) set by the event and your progression stays to 0.

Don’t worry, when there will be less than 1 day left to complete the upgrade, the progression will be displayed correctly.

after 27 hours, LVL increased normally. Error only with the clock.